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Astrological significance of chanting Vishnu Sahsranama



Astrological significance


According to Hindu beliefs, Vishnu is one of the potential gods and one of the gods among the three” Trimurtis.” According to traditional belief, Vishnu resides in the eternal world, and he controls the world and protects it from all dangers and mishappenings. Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram is the Sanskrit hymn that has been dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the world. The stotram consists of 108 shlokas and you can also get the stotra on the best astrologer app

Importance of Vishnu Sahasrsnama Stotram 

Vishnu Sahasranama is considered an ancient Hindu script. It is a Sanskrit hymn, and the script translates to the thousand names of Lord Vishnu. According to the ancient beliefs, he is also one of the most revered Gods who preserves this world. The Sanskrit word ‘Sahasra’ means thousand, and ‘nama’ refers to the name. Chanting the stotram is considered one of the easiest ways to pray. Lord Visnu is pleased to listen to these mantras, strotras, and shlokas. 

Lord Vishnu is the supreme power who is also the ruler of the entire universe. As to the traditional beliefs, he is the one who saves lives and cherishes the world with productivity. The Vishnu Sahasranama or Strotra is written in Sanstkurit. The famous Sanskrit scholar Sage Vyasa, the creator of the famous Hindu epic including the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the Bhagwat Gita, wrote this stotra in offering prayer to Lord Vishnu. 

Impacts of chanting Vishnu Sahasranama regularly

According to astrological beliefs, the stotra has the power to remove the negativities from life and provide positive impacts on your life. With regular chanting of this stotra, you can overcome several difficulties in your life and opt for good concentration power, and motivation. The best impacts of this stotra include

  • If you are suffering from huge mental stress regarding your life, career, or studies, you can chant this mantra to relax and focus on your life and career. It will calm your mind and improve your dedication. 
  • If you have insomnia, difficulties sleeping, or experience evil things while sleeping, and you can chant this stotra. It is believed to destroy evil and bring blessings to your life; it will also provide peace of mind. 
  • Childless couples who want to get blessings from Lord Vishnu can chant this mantra daily to get a child. Astrology believes that Lord Vishnu, being the life-giving force of the world, can bliss a couple to get a child. 
  • If you seek spiritual improvement of your soul and skill, you can chant this mantra. Thus mantra has the power to improve your focus and lessen the burdens of life. It also helps to impact the mind with the inner energies. 
  • According to astrological beliefs, if the position of the Sun is weak in your zodiac, you can regularly chant this mantra to improve the position of the Sun. Sun is related to the vitality and energy of a person, and Lord Vishnu, as the nourishment power of the world, provides you with gaining the vitality and energy of your soul to accomplish great things in life.
  • If your child is weak in studies and can’t score good marks in exams in a lack of motivation, you can ask your child to chant the hymn. It will strengthen his focus and help him be more dedicated to his studies. 
  • If you are suffering from financial problems or can not get a profit in business even after putting in your best effort, you can chant this hymn daily. According to the traditional beliefs, Goddess Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu, and chanting hymns to Lord Vishnu also pleases Maa Lakshmi. You can get financial success in life with the blessings from Goddess Lakshmi also if you offer prayers through this hymn. 

When to read the Vishnu Sahasranama Hymn

You can chant this mantra at any time of the day. However, astrologers suggest certain parts of the day chant this mantra. It is best to chant this hymn in the early morning after taking a bath. You can also chant this mantra in the evening or before going to bed at night. Ensure to provide complete dedication while chanting this hymn to get the best motivation. You can also offer water or fruits and sweets to Lord Vishnu during your prayer. 


You can also listen to it with complete devotion if you find it difficult to read this hymn in Sanskrit. However, you can find the translation of this mantra in several local languages as well. You can also take suggestions from a renowned astrologer or the best astrologer app that can guide you better to know more about the impacts of the hymns. 

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How To Up Your Winter Fashion Game: Men Fashion Guide



Winter Fashion Game

Winters are ending soon. However, it is still cold enough that you need to stay in layers to feel warm. If you always like to dress according to the changing season, then it’s the perfect time for you. The best thing about winter’s dressing is that it offers versatility that other seasons fail to offer. In winter, you can dress in as many layers as you want while staying fashionable. 

Although winter’s dressing has so much to offer, it can be confusing for many men to style their looks even then. The best fashion sense lies in dressing in a moderate amount of layers. Most men either go all crazy about layers and keep them warm so that they look like a walking wardrobe, or they dress in too few layers that they seem at the risk of hypothermia. To make men more stylish and imaginative, we have made a guide on how to stay fashionable by dressing smartly in winters.

#1: Learn to Layer 

Winter is all about right layering. However, layering while keeping your style intact can be tough for most people. Layering requires an understanding of how different fabrics work together. The main thing about layering is that it should be flexible enough as the weather conditions always change, and you don’t want to become sweaty just because you couldn’t remove your coat. 

There are three main layers: 

  • The inner layer 
  • The middle layer 
  • The outer layer

The inner layer is made up of light fabric that adds warmth to the body. The middle layer is the most significant one because it should be stylish enough that you can wear it on its own without compromising on your style. Orvis shirts are stylish and cozy enough to use as a middle layer and outer layer. The outer layer is the last and most visible layer. It plays a great role in defining your appearance. You should choose the outer layer as something that defines your style. 

#2: Choose Your Shoes Wisely 

Your shoes are the main component in defining your style. Choosing the right kind of shoes in winters is most important because of the snowy and slippery terrain. The most horrible thing you could do to yourself in winter is to wear leather shoes. It is akin to wearing ice skates. 

The best shoes to wear in winter are military shoes – a toe cap, moc-toe, or even a heavy brogue is a good option. These shoes are great for both protecting you and yourself from harsh weather. 

Other than leather shoes, you also want to avoid suede or nubuck in winter. Always polish your shoes before going out in the snow as it protects them from getting stained. Shoes with rubber soles are best to wear in winter. 

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#3: Dress According to Your Size

Many people think it’s fashionable to wear outfits twice, and sometimes, even more, their size. Even though it is winter, and you want to add layers to keep yourself warm, it doesn’t mean you have to wear a jacket or coat that is large for you. Even when they are old, Outfits can make you look smart if they are properly fitted. 

If you want to look smart, it is essential to never wear too baggy or too lose clothes. Always wear outfits with your exact measurements and tailored to your body proportions. You might think that wearing layers of baggy clothes can keep you warm, but it is the opposite. The loose-fitting allows air to circulate and thus, keep you cold. 

#4: Choose the Right Colors 

People associate dull, dark, and neutral colors with winter. Although we accept that dark shades, such as black, navy blue, maroon, deep purple, etc., make the man look appealing, they are not always the best option. You can also wear light and bright colors in winter. 

If you want to make your look eye-catching, try experimenting with colors. Mixing different color palettes in a single outfit can end in two ways – either you are going to look like a joker or end up looking breathtaking. We suggest you wear bright colors, such as green, Burgundy, mustard yellow, paired with neutral colors. 

#5: Amp Up Your Sweatshirt 

Sweatshirts are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. They are something that can be considered as “comfort wear” without any argument. They are the ultimate casual and laid-back clothing. However, if you want to look stylish in the freezing winter, you can amp up your sweatshirt game with a few tips. Sweatshirts can give you an edgy and rugged look if you pair them up with a leather jacket or a men’s canvas jacket. A leather jacket provides a rougher look, while a canvas jacket provides warmth and a comfortable look.  


Winters may be going in some time, but they are still here with freezing winds. Dressing nicely in winters can be tough. However, adding a few stylish articles to your winter wardrobe, such as a collared sweatshirt, can up your winter dressing game. 

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Home Improvement

Five Explanations On Why Electric Fireplace Is Important



Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces are generally an ice breaker in any home. They give truly necessary warmth, a comfortable vibe, and a point of convergence for your principal gathering place. Be that as it may, only one out of every odd fireplace is made equivalent. Before, many plan specialists and property holders thought electric fireplaces were shabby knockoffs when contrasted with traditional ones.

However, we’re here to let you know that is not true anymore. Electric fireplaces have made some amazing progress as far as to plan and proficiency. Not persuaded at this point? The following are five reasons you ought to consider adding a fireplace to your home and a couple of electric fireplaces insert thoughts to suit your home style.

Cost proficiency

Contrasted with different sorts of fireplaces, electric ones are the most reasonable to introduce and work. Placing in a wood-burning fireplace includes opening up a divider, and introducing a gas-burning fireplace requires ventilation and gas lines. With an electric fireplace, all you want is a clear divider and an outlet. In addition, it doesn’t take a great deal of electricity to run one of these fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces by and large use around 1,500 watts of electricity and cost somewhere in the range of 0.003 and 3 pennies each hour to run without heat. With the hotness on, the fireplace can cost somewhere in the range of 0.09 and 0.18 pennies each hour, contingent upon the hotness level. This is impressively not exactly the expense to run a gas fireplace.

Greener than gas

An electric fireplace insert is additionally a more energy-effective and eco-accommodating decision. It will warm your home quicker than different kinds of fireplaces, as well. With most open fireplaces, an expected 90% of the fire’s hotness escapes through the stack.

Whenever you introduce an electric one, there is no immediate vent to the outside, so the greater part of the hotness delivered stays in the home. Besides, this productive warming framework doesn’t depend on chopping down trees for warmth, nor does it make however many climates contaminating outflows such as wood-burning or gas fireplaces.


With regards to somewhere safe, an electric fireplace is consistently the more astute decision, particularly assuming that you have kids or pets. Artificial fire doesn’t create any harmful smoke or exhaust, making it simpler to focus on solid air quality in your home. You won’t have to stress over-inquisitive children or pets getting copied or stray ashes lighting a fire.

However electric fireplaces produce sufficient hotness to keep your home comfortable and warm, the real unit is cool to the touch. Besides, numerous cutting-edge electric fireplaces highlight programmed overheat assurance and will shut down naturally assuming that they distinguish hazardous working circumstances.

Simple establishment and low support

On the off chance that your home doesn’t as of now have a fireplace, introducing one is a significant remodel project that is except if you pick an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces additionally require almost no consistent upkeep. There is no cleaving firewood, scooping remains or clearing out the smokestack. Gone are the times of keeping an eye on the fire. All things considered, simply flip the switch, sit back, and partake in the glow and presence of your electric fireplace.

All year vibe

Fireplaces aren’t only extraordinary for warming your home; they are likewise phenomenal for making a comfortable, personal climate. Property holders can set their electric fireplaces to run without heat and may even have the option to change the splendor level of the fire. Any season, in any event, during the sweltering mid-year months, you can in any case partake in the mood made by the false flares. Regardless of whether you’re arranging an upscale evening gathering or having a heartfelt evening at home, your electric fireplace can assist you with creating the right air for any event.

The most effective method to pick an electric fireplace that accommodates your home style

Perhaps the best thing about electric fireplaces is the assortment of plans accessible. Regardless of your inside plan stylish, there is a fireplace made for you. The following are a couple of ideas for picking the correct style fireplace to match your home stylistic theme.

Current: For present-day and contemporary homes, search for a fireplace with a smooth and smoothed-out look. Divider mounted and recessed fireplaces will more often than not look the most present day.

Provincial/farmhouse: Mantel fireplaces likewise look incredible in farmhouse-style homes. For something much more provincial, pick an electric oven fireplace that resembles a classical wood-burning oven.

Traditional: If your home has all the more a traditional vibe, attempt to observe an electric fireplace propelled by traditional wood-burning assortments. These detached fireplaces typically impersonate the presence of stone, wood, or block and have an enhancing shelf on top.

Boho: For a house enlivened in the bohemian style, fireplaces built with normal materials (or phony variants of them) work best. Look for an electric fireplace made of a block of wood with a natural mantelpiece.

Electric fireplaces look phenomenal in any style of home. Truth be told, they can be similarly pretty much as delightful and rich as wood-burning or gas fireplaces. These fireplaces are likewise considerably more expense effective to run, more straightforward to keep up with, and more secure for your loved ones. Additionally, electric fireplaces can warm your home more actually and reasonably than traditional fireplaces. They have such countless advantages, you’ll wonder why it has taken you this long to think about introducing one in your home.

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Look like a nerd with IDEE’s best frames for men



Glasses frames

When it comes to shopping for glasses frames for men, there are endless things that need to be considered. From the face cut to the personality, everything needs to be blended else the outcome will not look good. For the ones who love to flaunt their playboy look, to the ones who love to look like a nerd, the below tips will be beneficial for all.

The rule of thumb when selecting a wonderful pair of men’s glasses is to choose the form that is the polar opposite of your face characteristics. This might help you achieve a sense of equilibrium and improve your overall appearance. Round frames, for example, look fantastic on angular or square faces, while square frames look wonderful on round faces with softer features.

Glasses frames

If you’re in the market for a new pair of designer glasses frames for men, keep reading to discover how to pick a terrific pair and make an informed and fashionable decision.

Choose the one with good design

Design plays an important role to change the look of the sunglasses. If you want the best sunglasses for yourself, then you can pick up an attractive design of the same. The design could be any.

It could be a plastic frame in a monochromatic tone. There could be a transparent frame. There can also be a printed frame. You can also choose the color of the frame and get the same customized. The main aim of the design is to change the look of the person who is wearing the sunglasses.

Choose the quality of the frame

No doubt, the design of the frame plays an important role to attract you towards it, but at the same time, the quality of the frame is also helpful for determination. The frame must not be too fragile. It must be sustainable. It should not get moved with just a jerk. It should be having a good grip on the face.

The comfort of the frame

Carrying a frame might be causing a huge amount of irritation in the first place. This is also because of the sweating in summers. There also happens when your skin behind the ears starts aching due to the long hours of wearing a frame. Keep in mind to check the comfort level the men’s eyeglasses offer you.

But before buying that, you should attempt to check it properly. The quality and the material of the frame should not be causing any kind of discomfort to the person in the long run. It should be very easy to carry in the first place.


In such a situation, this has to be concluded that the type of frame is important for changing your experience with the glasses. It is also helpful for bringing a positive outlook of the personality. That is why all of these factors should be considered properly. These factors will help to make the best choice that you can do for yourself. Looking for the best place to shop for sunglasses then why not have a look at IDEE frames for men. The brand offers everything you want from a frame. It offers some classy designs to make you feel comfortable and trendy.

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