5 Benefits Of Joining A Workplace Union

In the United States, the majority of workplaces will be able to offer their employees the chance to join a union. Read also: Local Business Marketing Service

In recent times, this has become an almost essential part of most workplaces. Unions are becoming stronger in the US and are more able than ever to offer in-work support to the workers who support them. Hence why they are becoming ever more popular.

There are some states in America where, legally, if you are working, you have to join a union, or your employment will be terminated. In other states, you have the option to join a union, which is known as the ‘right to work.’ 

In this article, some of the benefits of joining a workplace union will be explored, allowing you the option to decide if it is the right thing for you to do. 

Higher Wages

One of the key advantages of being a member of a union is that your wages may be increased, which has the greatest impact on workers who would traditionally receive a lower wage. You may or may not receive more than your non-union counterparts within the same business, which will depend on if you are located in one of the right to work states or not.

It is also worth noting that if you join a union, research into economics has found that you are more likely to experience raises more frequently than non-union workers. 


Sometimes, there may be trouble at work relating to your boss, manager, or another member of staff. Perhaps you have taken a lot of sick days in recent weeks and are being called into a meeting with the HR team. In these cases, being a member of a union can offer you support with a range of issues, such as supporting you in disciplinary meetings, as well as liaising on your behalf to resolve workplace conflict or bullying. In almost all cases of union workers in the US, the outcome of these incidents is favorable on their behalf. 

Collective Bargaining

When you are a member of a union, you can easily get a number of other people behind you to support you if you feel that something in your workplace is unfair. This is known as collective bargaining and usually results in a higher chance of the issue being resolved simply because there are more people in the workforce pushing for it to be assessed. These issues can range from safety issues in the workplace to wage disparity and even to incidents of discrimination.

Job Security

If you are able to join a union when you get a new job, in most instances, it is wise not to turn that offer down. Studies into staff turnover have found that when it comes to comparing workplaces that have unions to those that do not, the companies that have unionized workers have lower staff turnover. 

Health and Safety

Unionized workers and their workplaces are assessed more thoroughly than workplaces that do not have unions. This means that when you join a union, you are less likely to become injured on the job. Also, if you become injured, as a unionized worker, you have a higher chance of getting compensation due to the unions’ associated legal team. 

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