Give Yourself Treat with a Pack of Hot and Crispy French Fries

Many restaurants always serve French fries with many fast foods such as burgers and pizza. However, people love to order fries alone. The majority of college-going students love to eat French fries. People can go out of their way to eat French fries. What’s making French fries so addictive?

French fries are easy to eat and palatable, making them addictive. Furthermore, it triggers the production of dopamine that makes you happy, and you eat more fries. Additionally, the starch in fries indicates your tongue has more fries.

According to science, French fries are rich in fat that triggers the production of a chemical almost similar to marijuana. This chemical makes you addicted to French fries and other fast foods.

With time, more people are heading toward fast food, especially French fries. With an increase in consumption, more selling outlets are also opening. They also provide you online order facility. Thus, whenever you feel a craving for fries, make a call and place an order. Furthermore, you can also get deals on various food items such as burger lab orders, burger kind deals, pizza California deals, OPTP deals, etc.

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Why French Fries are so Addictive?

If you wonder why and how French fries are so addictive, then we will tell you the reason in this blog post.

French Fries are Highly Palatable:

Food that is palatable always good to eat. People like to eat food that is good in taste. French fries have an excellent taste like pizza, burgers, soda, nuggets, etc. Palatable foods can trigger addictiveness.

Fast foods are processed in such a way that makes them highly palatable. Therefore, people love to eat fast food. Additionally, with time there happens an increase in the consumption of these processed foods.

It Triggers to Produce Dopamine:

Processed foods such as French fries, pizza, and burgers can trigger the production of the hormone in the brain called dopamine. It is a feel-good hormone. When you eat French fries, your brain gets a signal and produces this feel-good hormone.

Consequently, our body demands more such foods to feel happy and satisfied. However, not all foods can trigger this hormone production.

Good Taste of French Fries Increases Addiction:

Undoubtedly, it is a game of taste. Processed foods such as French fries are prepared in a particular way that makes them super tasty. Furthermore, it is the nature of our taste buds that they accept food that is good in taste.

Scientists have discovered a new flavor called umami flavor. It is a starchy flavor used to sense foods like rice, bread, pasta, and other things made of flour. Thus, French fries contain starch, salt, and sugar. Therefore, when our taste buds touch these three flavors in combination, our mouths feel challenged to resist more consumption.

French Fries have a Good Smell that Enhances Flavor:

It is a common practice to first smell food before eating it. Furthermore, smell also triggers the need for food. For instance, when you open your food bag and whiff a good scent, your brain automatically directs you to this food.

 In 90% of cases, the smell of food tells about its taste. It often happens that when you receive cold fries that don’t smell well, you will also feel bad taste. Hence, smell has a significant part in directing our minds to how tasty the food is.

 Therefore, always order your French fries from a well-reputed restaurant. Furthermore, don’t get worried about the budget. Hence, many restaurants provide discounts such as burger lab orders, burger kind deals, pizza California deals, OPTP deals, etc.

People Often Prefer High-calories Foods:

According to psychologists, our brain is more attracted to high-calorie food than low calories. Therefore, people tend to eat more fast foods such as French fries and burgers. Furthermore, our taste buds like the taste of fast foods more than organic ones. Thus, consumption of French fries is higher than vegetables. Now, you can understand the reason why French fries are so addictive.

French Fries are Easy to Eat:

It is one of the primary reasons behind the popularity of fast foods, especially French fries. Undoubtedly, we are living in the modern era. Everyone is busy with their daily routines. Thus, nobody has time to sit and eat heavily stuffed food.

Therefore, most people prefer to pick a pack of burgers or fries, which they can quickly eat while doing other tasks. Furthermore, these processed foods also have good taste. Additionally, frozen French fries are available in the market, making your life more convenient.


French fries are always good in taste and also convenient to ease. They are relatively cheap than other processed food. Thus, even a college-going student can afford to purchase French fries. Therefore, these are one of the most popular fast foods among people.

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