Faisal Margalla City: All set for launch

Faisal Margalla City (FMC) is the most recent task by Margalla City (pvt) restricted, a joint endeavor between Chaudhry Majeed of Zedem Global and a confidential party. Already Faisal Margalla City was set to be sent off on 23rd September 2018, notwithstanding, because of the long end of the week following the tenth of Muharram, the organization has chosen to move the day for kickoff to 30th September 2018.


Faisal Margalla City is found right close to Impede An of MPCHS Multi-Nurseries B-17 and stretches off to the Margalla Slopes. On different sides, it is encircled by different blocks of MPCHS. On one side, it will approach the GT Street through Multi-Nurseries while then again, approaching the Motorway M-1 from MPCHS Block G through the proposed exchange onto the motorway: Multi-Faisal Interchange is arranged. See real estate services.

This area is totally awesome in that the vicinity to MPCHS Multi-Nurseries B-17 implies that the entirety of the turn of events, populace and business action there would straightforwardly help property and individuals living in Faisal Margalla City.

Land Acquisition, Possession and NOCs

As indicated by the few of the on-ground sources talked with, the land for the task has been all gained. For sure, it was at that point claimed by Zedem Worldwide’s Chaudhary Majeed. So the comprehension is that society has all the land it needs for the task, and that implies that belonging won’t be an issue by the same token. All you need to read about Pakistan real estate blog

To be sure, as indicated by Malik Javed of Awan Partners, it is normal that belonging will be conceded to the singular amount purchasers inside four to a half year. Be that as it may, on the drawback, it has been concluded by the organization too never again book plots on portions. Already, a portion plan spreading over four years was sent off during the pre-booking stage. Simultaneously, this implies that now you can book plots on 21% markdown. Checkout real estate blog and contact us.

Faisal Margalla City offers 5-, 8-, 10-, 14-, and 20-marla plots and costs of these plots as follows:

Plot SizePrices in PKRLump sum PaymentPossession
5.5 marla2,420,0002,285,000135,000
8 marla3,295,0003,100,000195,000
10.8 marla4,295,0004,030,000265,000
14.2 marla5,350,0005,010,000340,000
20 marla7,095,0006,625,000470,000

The sources were not especially certain about if or when the portion plots will be sent off. Notwithstanding, the comprehension is that after the send off, sooner or later in time, portion plots with reconsidered rates might open up. So on the off chance that singular amount doesn’t exactly measure up for you, you can continuously choose to stand by and when they become accessible, we will illuminate you here on the web journals, so continue to follow the blog to remain refreshed!

The subject of NOC turns into significantly more straightforward on the off chance that the land has proactively been obtained, notwithstanding, as indicated by Farooq of Sibro Properties B-17 Islamabad, a few prerequisites for the NOC are yet to be met and things are under process so it will be procured soon absent a lot of problem. Some level of advancement has, without a doubt, currently started in the lodging plan as the ground has been evened out and roads and streets are being cut.


There are a few justifications for why one can think about interest in Faisal Margalla City: unwavering quality of the engineers, the phenomenal area of the undertaking, and great speed of improvement and ownership that is normal, in addition to other things.

Malik was of the view that it will unquestionably make for a decent long haul speculation, however even in the momentary these 21% limited costs are perfect when contrasted with the plots in Block C of MPCHS, for instance, found right close by it. When advancement happens here, the costs can increment by as much as PKR 500,000 for the 5-marla plot. The best methodology, be that as it may, will be to think about it for long haul speculation.

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