Enjoy an Endless Summer with These 5 Beach House Decor Tips

Nothing says summer like the beach. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy summer fun all year round. The best way to feel like you’re living in an eternal summer is a beach theme.

Even if you don’t have a beach house, there’s nothing stopping you from re-decorating your living room to look like one.

To get you started, here are some tips to brighten up your house.

  1. Beach Furniture

Using outdoor furniture inside isn’t tacky if you’re going for a beach vibe.

A folding beach chair might be taking things a bit too far, but there are plenty of classy furniture options.

For an old-fashioned theme, consider a strandkorb. German for beach basket, the strandkorb is an essential feature of German and Scandinavian beaches.

The strandkorb became particularly popular in the early 1900s, so it will give your home a classic look.

They are much more comfortable than ordinary beach chairs and are better at blocking the sun. They’re perfect for reading.

Inside and out, wicker furniture is the way to go. Sandy, light colors are ideal for a summer style.

  1. Re-Do the Walls

Walls set the tone for a room. So much depends on good wallpaper or paint. When redecorating, walls should be your first priority.

Don’t make decisions on furniture or other features until you’ve figured out what you want to do with the walls.

One of the main decisions is whether or not to use plaster or drywall. This article walks you through the process of that decision.

Lighter colors will make the room feel brighter, but darker colors can be nice if you want stronger contrasts.

Be adventurous and change things up throughout the house. Not all the walls need to be the same color or have the same theme.

Maybe have a living room with a classic beach vibe and a kids’ bedroom with a pirate or mermaid theme.

  1. Nautical Decor

Classic examples of nautical decorations are paintings with anchors, fish, or ships. That’s great if you want a traditional look, but it can get kitsch.

For a more modern vibe, consider photographs. If you live near the beach, there are bound to be some local photographers selling incredible prints.

Tropical underwater photographs will add some color, but black and white blends in with just about any color palate.

To accentuate the photos, pick a frame that stands out against your wall colors.

Some other nice touches include bowls or shadow boxes with seashells or antique nautical equipment like old telescopes.

  1. Know Your Style

A Hawaiian beach house has a different look than a New England summer home. Even if you aren’t in either of those locations, you need to know what theme you’re going for.

There’s no reason you can’t bring a bit of Hawaii into your home, but you don’t want to clash styles.

For some ideas, check out this slideshow of beach house exteriors. Or look through some magazines or browse through real estate websites for more ideas.

Don’t feel too restricted by whatever theme you pick. The best style is your style. If you like to mix and match, your decorations should reflect that.

  1. Lots of Light

Summer is the sunniest time of year, so the best way to make your house feel like summer during winter is to allow as much natural light as possible.

This could be difficult if you live in a place with dark winters, but there are a few tricks to brightening up the house.

Don’t let things clutter around your windows and hang light-colored curtains. White or beige give the most natural feel.

Install mirrors around the room. They will reflect the sunlight, doubling the amount of natural light.

Don’t cover your lamps or light fixtures with dark shades or install harsh lighting. Spread your lamps throughout the room so that you have multiple light sources.

Having white walls and furniture will also make the house seem brighter.


Everyone dreams of a beach house, but you don’t need the beach to have one. With these tips, you can make your house feel like the perfect vacation home whether it’s by the water in the middle of the desert.

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