Why Is Digital Textile Printing Significantly Growing In Demand?

The printing garments and fabrics are not new! But the digitally printed fabrics have crossed various milestones in a very short period. These types of fabrics are gaining the attention of customers around the whole world. The demand for the printed textile is increasing and it is not going to end soon.

Digital Textile Printing

Digital textile printing is the technique to print the alluring design on the fabric with the help of inkjet printers. In this printing technique, the design is created on the computer by using the special textile designing software After that, this print is directly transferred on the fabric by using the special printers.

The printable format of the image is simply uploaded on the system. After that, the color information is loaded on the system so that the replica of the design can be obtained on the fabric.

The design can be printed on various types of fabric and apparel such as dresses, shorts, fashion accessories, home textiles, etc. The fabric printing Canada contractors are experts in modern printed techniques and they have all the latest technology printing tools and machines. 

Benefits Of Digital Fabric Printing 

The traditional textile printed methods have some pitfalls which are overcome by the latest technology printing technique. Some of the benefits of digital fabric printed are described below:

1. Highly Durable

The digitally printed fabrics have a very long life span as compared to the print formed by conventional printing techniques. The prints formed by modern printing techniques will not fade away, chip, or crack. The prints formed by the digital printing techniques are quite affordable methods.

The screen printing needs a special set-up for every print and you can use only limited colors in the screen-printing technique. When it comes to the latest technology printed method, then you can use various colors in your design and the cost of printing per apparel is very low. Digital textile printing is cost-efficient, even for small orders.

2. Low Power Consumption

The energy consumption in modern printed technology is very low and that’s why it is considered an environmental-friendly technique. The new technology printing technique does not need water to clean the rotary screens. Also, it does not lead to wastage of water and colors.

By using the latest technology printed technique, you cannot just save power but also save water as well. Overall, it has low cost because it does not need screen engraving and does not need to separate the color.

3. Accurate And High-Resolution Prints

With the help of digital textile printing techniques, you can create a print replica of the design. It means that you can expect high resolution and accuracy while printed the design.

Moreover, the digital textile printing techniques can lead to minimal wastage of ink which means there is no need to dispose of excess dye and chemicals that can harm the environment.

4. Good ROI

When you use a digitally printed fabric for sale, then you will get a high return on investment. When you design clothes with digital printing techniques, then you can easily print precise and alluring designs which can easily grab the attention of people.

Your investment will give your a good return because digitally printed fabrics are in huge demand. To satisfy the demand of the customers, invest in the digitally printed fabric and earn huge profit in your business.

5. Stay In Trend

Digitally printed fabrics are in vogue and gradually they are taking over the fashion industry. By creating personalized design, text, images, shapes, and patterns, you can create fashionable apparel.

Whether you want to take your business to the next level or you just want to show the appealing designs on the fabric, digital textile printed is the best technique. Want to have trendy clothes in your wardrobe? Consider taking the help of professionals like custom t shirts Edmonton contractors. 

6. Fast Turnaround Time

Usually, the traditional printed techniques take too much time. But when it comes to digital fabric printed, then you can enjoy the fast turnaround time. If you want to customize your clothes or place the bulk order for your team uniform or want the customize apparel for sale, you will get the quickly printed products or apparel by using digital fabric printing.

7. Popular Digitally Printed Textile Products

Digital textile printed is far beyond creating designs on apparel. This printing technique is also perfect for creating alluring designs on various other things such as banners, posters, point-of-sale displays, and many more. In addition to this, the digital textile printing technique is perfect for creating amazing designs on home décor items.


With the improvement in technology, printed techniques are also evolving. With the advent of digitally printed techniques, you can easily create different types of designs on various types of fabric. Digital textile printed has revolutionized the entire printing industry.

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