What to Know Before Utilizing Apparel Customization Service?

apparel customization service

Custom apparel can make a brand differentiate itself from the other. For the same reason, people customize polo shirts, t-shirts, jackets, and sweatshirts for brand promotion. However, these are not the only items that one can customize for business promotion. Choosing an authentic apparel customization service helps businesses to stand out with their custom apparel. When it comes to choosing the option for apparel customization, two are very popular. Those two popular methods include embroidery and screen printing. Both screen printing and embroidery are unique ways to customize apparel with a business logo for brand promotion. Let us review these two methods one by one:

Screen Printing:-

Screen printing is the method to print design on a screen with the aid of ink. If a business wants to make the screen printing process cost-friendly, it should place a bulk order. Screen printing is inexpensive to print business logos on t-shirts and other promotional items. The cost of screen printing can increase with an increase in color, imprint locations, and the types of pieces. However, the cost per promotion product reduces if numbers increase. Cotton is the best material to utilize for screen printing for t-shirts and brand promotion. Polyester t-shirts also support screen printing, but they are not a recommended option because of Polyester downsides for print.


Embroidery is the ideal way to embroider the logo on apparel and make your brand stand out. Embroidered logo apparel is optimal for promotion because embroidery enhances the look of the logo on apparel. Moreover, embroidery is a durable option for business owners to make their logos stand out for a long time. It is a relatively easy and prompt process, in contrast to screen printing. Usually, an embroidery order takes five business days and may take 1 to 2 days at times. The cost for embroidery increases based on a stitch count. The more stitches mean you will have to pay more. Nevertheless, the cost for embroidery also reduces per unit if you place a large order.

Why Is Apparel Customization Important for New Businesses?

New businesses have immense pressure to promote their business identity. It takes time, proper planning, and money for any new business to establish. Hence, new businesses consider all the best options available to them for their business promotion. Running advertisements on social media, giving gifts at charity events, and utilizing an apparel customization service are some of those. Apparel customization is important for any new business for the following reasons:

  1. Professionalism: Logo customized apparel helps a business to stand out. Moreover, adding a logo o apparel supports uniformity and discipline. Consequently, it leaves a good impression on a wearer and viewer, promoting the brand identity of a business.
  1. Business Recognition: Logo customized apparel help employees recognize the business they serve. Wearing such apparel helps them realize their responsibilities competently, serving a business.
  1. Marketing: Every business wants to market its products and services. With the aid of logo customized apparel, businesses pass information about their brands to the target audience. Employees wearing logo customized apparel promote the name of a company they work for. Hence, logo customized apparel is an effective marketing tool.
  1. The Ways of Promotion: Businesses choose different methods to deploy their logo customized apparel for promotion. For instance, attending charity events, promoting a cause, and giving logo branded apparel as giveaways are different ways of promotion. Businesses thinking out-of-the-box earn more success in brand promotion than second movers. Nevertheless, customized apparel work for brand promotion; hence, many businesses choose it to promote their business identity.

How Should a Business Place Its Order for Apparel Customization:-

Keeping the following steps in mind pays off a business utilizing logo customized apparel for brand promotion:

  1. Knowing the budget.
  2. Understanding the best option for brand promotion between screen printing and embroidery.
  3. Seeing promotional samples of an apparel customization service beforehand.
  4. Brainstorming on logo design with the required details.
  5. Choosing the right clothing piece for logo customization.

Businesses must ensure a high-quality screen print or logo embroidery on apparel for their brand promotion. People adore customized apparel, whether you utilize it via screen printing or embroidery for brand promotion. Hence, you can expect high-quality logo customized apparel to stand out.


When it comes to apparel customizations, businesses have two options. A company may choose between screen printing or embroidery on apparel for its brand promotion. Apparel customization is important for new businesses, in particular. It helps them promote professionalism, brand identity and market their business image. A company has different options to promote its brand image to the target audience. A business has to keep five steps in mind before it places its order for apparel customization. Those steps include comprehending the budget, customization option, seeing promotional samples, brainstorming for designs, and choosing the right clothing items. Once a business takes care of the required steps, it can confidently place its order to an apparel customization service. Lastly, high-quality logo customized apparel always stands out.

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