What is the Best Free VPN To Bypass Internet Throttling?

VPN that can bypass internet throttling

Throttling is one of the most irritating things which you can face on your internet connection. Throttling is an act where the ISP reduces the speed of your internet just to get some money out of you. If you are tired of throttling then there are many ways to bypass throttling on your computer, one of them is by using a free VPN (Virtual Private Network).

When throttling is enforced, the internet service provider has to do some deep packet inspection and see what kind of data you are fetching from the server or PC. If they found that your ISP package doesn’t support streaming services like Netflix and Hulu then they throttle your connection speed and shows an error on the screen of your computer or mobile saying that “this video is not available in your country” this happens due to the blocking of Geo-IP. This method doesn’t work for everyone and some people can actually afford to buy a VPN that works perfectly fine on their internet connection and doesn’t let the ISP throttle their speed.

There are many VPN providers available in the world, some of them are free and some offer monthly subscription plans. These paid VPN services encrypt your internet connection to a high extent and reroute it through their own network of servers instead of from your ISP server which secures you from the prying eyes of ISPs.

There is no point in subscribing to a paid VPN service if you’re looking for a free one. If you want a good and reliable free VPN then the best option is using ProtonvPN as it has some amazing features which can beat even the premium paid VPN providers available in the world today.

ProtonVPN is not new to this field, it has been around since 2013 and was developed by the people who brought us the free email service ProtonMail. The company has its own servers, infrastructure and network which provides high speed, secure browsing environment t the users.

ProtonVPN uses the Secure Core network architecture which routes all user traffic through multiple servers in different countries before coming to the final endpoint. If anyone tried to bring out traffic logs from these servers then it is next to impossible. This makes ProtonVPN a very secure and anonymous VPN service all the users of protonVPN.

If you are looking for a VPN that can bypass internet throttling then ProtonvPN is your best choice it encrypts your internet connection with AES-256 encryption which is an industry standard used by VPN providers.

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