Top 5 Occasions That Need To Be Celebrated With Flower


Flowers play a very important role in our life. Flower have been involved in our life since the day we are born and go till the funeral. They have immense capability to express all kinds of emotions without a word. When it comes to celebration or an expression of love, we choose flowers for every occasion. 

So we can say that flowers are the most beautiful creation of God and a gift to humans. Every type and colour of flower has different emotions and sentiments attached to it and is used likewise. Every time words are not enough to express what we have in our hearts or what we feel in that situation, and in such a situation of crises when a man fails to express his sorrow, happiness, love, desire, appreciation and gratitude, flowers come to his rescue. 

Any occasion or celebration feels incomplete without flowers. It’s just like a birthday without cake. They not only make a great piece for dictation but the ultimate gift for every occasion. 

In this article we have listed the top 5 occasions that need to be celebrated with flower. So here we go.


We cannot imagine a wedding without flower. What will the occasion look like without flowers? Flowers add a personal touch of emotions and freshness to the occasion. They make the whole environment so vibrant and enchanting. Flowers are a very critical element in weddings because why not apart from light which we look for as decorative stuff is flowers. The trend of flower changes every year at weddings. It depends on the couples on which flower theme they want their venue to be decorated. There are lots of different flower themes available according to different functions of the wedding like marigold for haldi and mehndi, lilies and carnations for sangeet ceremony and roses for wedding night. So there is a plethora of options available in flowers to mix and match and experiment with the theme. You can send flowers to Gurgaon also via online delivery services. 

Valentine’s Day-

Valentine’s day is the day to express love, appreciation and gratitude. Flowers are the best gift for Valentine. You cannot have a complete Valentine’s day without including flowers. Flower speaks emotions without words. So it is best for Valentine’s day to express your deep emotions to your loved ones when you are short of words. There are a variety of flowers available at the market. Every flower and every colour describes different emotions. You can choose from carnations to roses, lilies to daisies. There are also those that represent masculine characteristics such as orchids, chrysanthemum and so on. You can choose them for your male partner. 


It feels so good to receive flower as the first thing on the morning of a birthday. It is such a fresh start to the day. Whether it is about birthday decoration or receiving birthday bouquets, birthdays are incomplete without flowers. A floral bouquet can be the best birthday gift.. You can choose them as a gift for your dear ones on their birthday. Orchids, sunflowers, and lilies can be the best choices of flower for a birthday. 


Festivals and flowers are very much relatable. Both are made for each other. From Christmas to diwali flowers are a mandatory part of them. Our Diwali is incomplete without marigold flower. It adds so much freshness and festive fragrance to the surroundings. Christmas decoration is incomplete without white carnations. So flowers are a very essential part of every festival. Nowadays people are experimenting with different types of flowers at festivals and setting new trends. For example, carnations and orchids are used in diwali decorations and so on. You can buy flowers online too. 


Celebrating love and marriage milestones without flower is not done. Anniversaries are a very special day in the life of a couple, and it requires celebration even at a small level. You don’t have to bring fancy gifts for your partner to let them know you love them. Just a bouquet of red roses or colourful carnations can do the job very well and even more than that. You can accompany your bouquet with a handwritten love note to add a personal touch to your gift. 

Before moving to the conclusion, let me tell you that you can use flowers as a part of your every celebration because they are the most versatile thing to be used as a gift and decoration. I hope you liked and found this article helpful. So from now on onwards, don’t forget to include flowers in the above-mentioned occasion. 

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