The Top PC Games of 2018-2019 You Must Know

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The PC (Personal Computer) is one of the platforms with the largest number of video games. A number that sometimes becomes impossible to know. Also, they are the most diverse and versatile games to play. The truth is that 2018 and 2019 have left us proposals of the most interesting and fun, covering all kinds of genres and leaving room for both independent and larger productions. In addition, as we know there are many, so you do not waste time watching everyone, we have prepared a list of the best PC games of the years 2018 and 2019. These are the top games t play and enjoy with your friends so read these carefully and have fun. Moreover, if you have any game trivia questions then ask us.

BEST PC GAMES 2018-2019

Monster hunter world:

The famous Monster Hunter franchise made an unexpected announcement during E3 of 2017:  the launch of the sixth and new installment, Monster Hunter: World. Finally, its worldwide launch took place on January 26, 2018, for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, while its release to PC was not made until August 9 of the same year.

In Monster Hunter: World, you assume the role of a hunter in the new continent, where you will have to track and hunt fierce beasts in frantic battles.

This new land and its environment play an important role in each mission. You must use it strategically, including terrain, vegetation, and wildlife, to gain an advantage during the hunt. As a hunter, you must use your ingenuity and expertise to track and corner your targets.

Shadow of the Tomb Ride:

The twelfth video game of the series and third since the restart of the saga, Shadow of the Tomb Raider places us after the events in Rising of the Tomb Raider. In this installment, Lara Croft will have to find a way to solve a global catastrophe that she caused.

Experience the moment when Lara Croft becomes Tomb Raider. Lara must master a deadly jungle, complete terrifying graves, and survive during her darkest moment. Meanwhile, against the clock, try to save the world from a Mayan apocalypse.

Forza Horizon 4:

Enjoy a dynamic experience in a shared open world. Explore the beauty of the stages, collect more than 450 cars and become the Super Star Horizon of historic England. Overcome different challenges under adverse climates and changing seasons.

All this and more in the fourth installment of the saga, Forza Horizon 4. Available for Xbox One and PC

Resident Evil 2:

Resident Evil is one of the most famous and acclaimed sagas in the world of video games. So much so, that, in 2015, Capcom announced a remake of one of the franchise’s classics, Resident Evil 2 or Biohazard 2.

But its launch date was not confirmed until the Sony conference at E3 2018. Resident Evil 2, the action classic, tense exploration, and puzzle solution that defines the saga, has returned.

Put yourself in the shoes of Leon Kennedy, a rookie police officer, and his partner Claire Redfield, who are caught in a disastrous outbreak in Raccoon City that has transformed the population into zombies.

Both Leon and Claire have their own playable campaigns, allowing users to live the story from different perspectives.

Apex Legends:

It was 2017 when PlayerUnknown’s Battleground began to take off and popularized the Battle Royale genre. Respawn Entertainment, developers of the Titanfall saga, experimented with the framework of this genre for their next title.

The result was Apex Legends, action and battle royale shooter, with the characteristic of being free to play. A clear competitor of Fortnite!

Apex Legends was inspired by other shooting titles of the decade: Halo and Destiny. The most curious thing about Apex Legends is that it was developed in secret.

Respawn did not announce anything about his creation, because he wanted players to judge for themselves instead of online forums, which encouraged users to try the game instead of relying on marketing.

Legendary characters with powerful abilities come together to achieve fame and fortune on the Border. Master the growing cast of fighters; create deep team tactics and other innovations that have taken the experience to the next level. Welcome to the evolution of Battle Royale

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These are the best PC games we have collected and enlisted for you to save your time to search. So, have fun playing these with your friends and family. Also, read The Main Reasons Why You Need a PC Cleaning Software.

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