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Support And Resistance indicator: What It Is And How To Use It?



Support And Resistance indicator

Technical Analysis was developed to predict the movement of stocks. It is based on historical price and volume information and can be used to predict future stock prices. Technical analysis can also be applied in the Forex market and Indices as well, see this here!


A support price is a level at which it’s difficult for a stock to fall. It is usually one or more price points at which buyers tend to enter the market, thereby preventing the price from declining further. These points are usually determined by an area of demand.

The most common type of support is found after a bullish run in which the prevailing trend is capping the further upside. After a sustained advance, the bulls may have little incentive to buy and the bears may be waiting to sell; therefore, the buying pressure begins to subside and prices begin to stall. At this point, the market may find support at a prior low-price area or around a certain dollar value that represents buying interest for that particular stock on that exchange in that particular sector. These areas of buying interest are collectively referred to as support.


A resistance level is a price level where selling tends to outpace buying and thus prevent prices from rising above it. This can be due to many factors such as institutional investors who are holding profitable long positions accumulating more shares when they dip below that point, and so on. A break above resistance signals the potential for an uptrend.

Importance of Support And Resistance

Support and resistance are two of the most important concepts when it comes to technical analysis. These two lines play a major role in identifying potential reversal points during a trend, which can be used as targets for entering into trades or as stop losses when fading a move.

Lines that act as support and resistance are noticeable on every chart. They are present on all time frames from intraday charts to monthly charts. They hold true across all financial instruments, although the shorter-term charts will have smaller support and resistance levels due to the smaller amount of data used to draw the lines.

Targets for buying positions are found by drawing a trend line from the low point on one side of the trading range to the high point on the other side. This tells us where the price is likely to go after breaking through a specific resistance level.

When the price reaches that target, it’s time to sell because we’ve reached an area of higher demand for that stock (or currency pair or commodity). The reverse is also true: When the price falls below support, we have reached an area of lower demand, so it’s time to sell. As long as the price remains below support, we keep our stop loss just above that level.

How The Support And Resistance Indicator Works

The following example shows how the Support And Resistance indicator works:

As you can see, there are four different colors on the chart above: Blue (support), Red (resistance), Yellow (neutral), and Green (overbought).

The S&R indicator uses two moving averages: 50-period simple moving average and 200-period simple moving average. The S&R lines are calculated by adding the last 50 days’ closing prices, then dividing by 50; then adding the last 200 days’ closing prices, then dividing by 200; then taking an average of the two resulting values.

How To Use It?

The support and resistance indicator is used to identify levels of support and resistance at which price may reverse in the future. A price level is considered to be a support level when it prevented price from falling below a certain point during an uptrend, or a resistance level when it prevented price from reaching a certain point during a downtrend.

The demand zone, also known as the accumulation zone, is the price area in which traders expect the stock to go up. This is usually located between the support and resistance levels. If a stock closes above the accumulation zone, it’s considered bullish and traders expect the price to continue going up. If a stock closes below the accumulation zone, it’s considered bearish and traders expect the price to continue going down. When enough traders expect this, they start buying above the accumulation zone causing it to get filled with buy orders pushing prices up.

The supply zone is the opposite of the accumulation zone; it’s where sellers are expected to enter long positions because they’re expecting prices to go down. This is usually located between the support and resistance levels. If a stock closes below this area, sellers have started selling their positions pushing prices down. When enough sellers have exited their positions, this area gets filled with sell orders pushing prices down even further.

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Australia’s best crypto exchange for buying, selling and trading



best crypto exchange

If you’re looking to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrency, you’ll want to find the best crypto exchange in Australia. The more cryptocurrency exchanges there are out there, the harder it can be to know which one to trust with your money. Luckily, CoinSpot is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange you can feel safe and secure trading on. Whether you’re looking to hold Bitcoin for the long term or cash out through a quick sale, here’s why CoinSpot should be your first choice in the world of crypto currency exchanges in Australia.


Cointree charges low fees when you use its platform to buy bitcoin. Fees vary according to your payment method. Here are some example costs: bank transfers or credit card purchases – 3.2 percent; cryptocurrency purchases – 2 percent; fiat withdrawals (any currency) – 0.5 percent. The platform uses a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), so bitcoins can appear in your account instantly after purchase or transfer. Users can also make Australian dollar deposits and withdrawals through bank transfers, international debit cards and regular ATM withdrawals of cash in Australia dollars at partner banks around Australia (EFTPOS is accepted). Cointree’s website provides information on cryptocurrency markets around Australia including Bitcoin prices, Dogecoin prices, altcoins charts information and more.

Exchange rates

Conveniently, CoIntree makes it easy to buy and sell bitcoin. All of our prices are listed in Australian dollars. This means that you can make a purchase at any time, even if you don’t know what bitcoin price is doing. If you have bitcoin already or would like to start earning more of it by mining, we can help. Simply send us your bitcoin (btc) address and we’ll tell you exactly how much Australian dollar (AUD) value is available. You can then use that value in one of our buy or sell orders!


Asset availability

Whether you’re interested in investing in altcoins or are looking to trade cryptocurrency, Cointree can help. We have a wide variety of assets available for users with different preferences. A few of our most popular cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Since 2014 we’ve helped thousands of new investors get started with their first cryptocurrency investments. With a quick setup process and access to your digital wallet immediately after registration, you can start buying or selling quickly. Our goal is to make your first cryptocurrency investment as easy as possible so why not sign up today?


There are no fiat funds stored at You should never have to give your personal details to another individual or company except when depositing funds. All deposits made via credit card come with a built-in extra layer of security as all payments are processed through Stripe or Paypal. Most importantly, we do not store any sensitive information about you in our system such as your password or 2FA codes. In fact, 2FA is always handled by Authy which means they never actually receive access to your codes but only an encrypted version (one-time passwords). If you’re familiar with how blockchain works, then it’s a simple concept that makes our website completely unhackable.


Launched in May 2017, Cointree is already Australia’s largest and fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange. This could have something to do with its commission-free trading policy, high liquidity or intuitive platform design. For example, you can trade Bitcoin against Ethereum without leaving your account. Or purchase Litecoin with a bank transfer—without incurring any fees. That all makes it really easy to get started with cryptocurrencies… if you’re new to digital money. If you’re a pro trader who wants to go deep into setting price alerts or moving funds across different wallets… that’s all available too. And it’s all on one simple platform designed with beginner users in mind.

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Give Yourself Treat with a Pack of Hot and Crispy French Fries



French Fries

Many restaurants always serve French fries with many fast foods such as burgers and pizza. However, people love to order fries alone. The majority of college-going students love to eat French fries. People can go out of their way to eat French fries. What’s making French fries so addictive?

French fries are easy to eat and palatable, making them addictive. Furthermore, it triggers the production of dopamine that makes you happy, and you eat more fries. Additionally, the starch in fries indicates your tongue has more fries.

According to science, French fries are rich in fat that triggers the production of a chemical almost similar to marijuana. This chemical makes you addicted to French fries and other fast foods.

With time, more people are heading toward fast food, especially French fries. With an increase in consumption, more selling outlets are also opening. They also provide you online order facility. Thus, whenever you feel a craving for fries, make a call and place an order. Furthermore, you can also get deals on various food items such as burger lab orders, burger kind deals, pizza California deals, OPTP deals, etc.

 Besides deals, you can get cashback also. How?? Let’s explore! Furthermore, many restaurants partner with online ordering apps such as Savior. These apps provide extra discounts and cashback to customers when they order food from the collaborated restaurant using the respective app.

Why French Fries are so Addictive?

If you wonder why and how French fries are so addictive, then we will tell you the reason in this blog post.

French Fries are Highly Palatable:

Food that is palatable always good to eat. People like to eat food that is good in taste. French fries have an excellent taste like pizza, burgers, soda, nuggets, etc. Palatable foods can trigger addictiveness.

Fast foods are processed in such a way that makes them highly palatable. Therefore, people love to eat fast food. Additionally, with time there happens an increase in the consumption of these processed foods.

It Triggers to Produce Dopamine:

Processed foods such as French fries, pizza, and burgers can trigger the production of the hormone in the brain called dopamine. It is a feel-good hormone. When you eat French fries, your brain gets a signal and produces this feel-good hormone.

Consequently, our body demands more such foods to feel happy and satisfied. However, not all foods can trigger this hormone production.

Good Taste of French Fries Increases Addiction:

Undoubtedly, it is a game of taste. Processed foods such as French fries are prepared in a particular way that makes them super tasty. Furthermore, it is the nature of our taste buds that they accept food that is good in taste.

Scientists have discovered a new flavor called umami flavor. It is a starchy flavor used to sense foods like rice, bread, pasta, and other things made of flour. Thus, French fries contain starch, salt, and sugar. Therefore, when our taste buds touch these three flavors in combination, our mouths feel challenged to resist more consumption.

French Fries have a Good Smell that Enhances Flavor:

It is a common practice to first smell food before eating it. Furthermore, smell also triggers the need for food. For instance, when you open your food bag and whiff a good scent, your brain automatically directs you to this food.

 In 90% of cases, the smell of food tells about its taste. It often happens that when you receive cold fries that don’t smell well, you will also feel bad taste. Hence, smell has a significant part in directing our minds to how tasty the food is.

 Therefore, always order your French fries from a well-reputed restaurant. Furthermore, don’t get worried about the budget. Hence, many restaurants provide discounts such as burger lab orders, burger kind deals, pizza California deals, OPTP deals, etc.

People Often Prefer High-calories Foods:

According to psychologists, our brain is more attracted to high-calorie food than low calories. Therefore, people tend to eat more fast foods such as French fries and burgers. Furthermore, our taste buds like the taste of fast foods more than organic ones. Thus, consumption of French fries is higher than vegetables. Now, you can understand the reason why French fries are so addictive.

French Fries are Easy to Eat:

It is one of the primary reasons behind the popularity of fast foods, especially French fries. Undoubtedly, we are living in the modern era. Everyone is busy with their daily routines. Thus, nobody has time to sit and eat heavily stuffed food.

Therefore, most people prefer to pick a pack of burgers or fries, which they can quickly eat while doing other tasks. Furthermore, these processed foods also have good taste. Additionally, frozen French fries are available in the market, making your life more convenient.


French fries are always good in taste and also convenient to ease. They are relatively cheap than other processed food. Thus, even a college-going student can afford to purchase French fries. Therefore, these are one of the most popular fast foods among people.

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5 Benefits Of Joining A Workplace Union



Joining A Workplace Union

In the United States, the majority of workplaces will be able to offer their employees the chance to join a union. Read also: Local Business Marketing Service

In recent times, this has become an almost essential part of most workplaces. Unions are becoming stronger in the US and are more able than ever to offer in-work support to the workers who support them. Hence why they are becoming ever more popular.

There are some states in America where, legally, if you are working, you have to join a union, or your employment will be terminated. In other states, you have the option to join a union, which is known as the ‘right to work.’ 

In this article, some of the benefits of joining a workplace union will be explored, allowing you the option to decide if it is the right thing for you to do. 

Higher Wages

One of the key advantages of being a member of a union is that your wages may be increased, which has the greatest impact on workers who would traditionally receive a lower wage. You may or may not receive more than your non-union counterparts within the same business, which will depend on if you are located in one of the right to work states or not.

It is also worth noting that if you join a union, research into economics has found that you are more likely to experience raises more frequently than non-union workers. 


Sometimes, there may be trouble at work relating to your boss, manager, or another member of staff. Perhaps you have taken a lot of sick days in recent weeks and are being called into a meeting with the HR team. In these cases, being a member of a union can offer you support with a range of issues, such as supporting you in disciplinary meetings, as well as liaising on your behalf to resolve workplace conflict or bullying. In almost all cases of union workers in the US, the outcome of these incidents is favorable on their behalf. 

Collective Bargaining

When you are a member of a union, you can easily get a number of other people behind you to support you if you feel that something in your workplace is unfair. This is known as collective bargaining and usually results in a higher chance of the issue being resolved simply because there are more people in the workforce pushing for it to be assessed. These issues can range from safety issues in the workplace to wage disparity and even to incidents of discrimination.

Job Security

If you are able to join a union when you get a new job, in most instances, it is wise not to turn that offer down. Studies into staff turnover have found that when it comes to comparing workplaces that have unions to those that do not, the companies that have unionized workers have lower staff turnover. 

Health and Safety

Unionized workers and their workplaces are assessed more thoroughly than workplaces that do not have unions. This means that when you join a union, you are less likely to become injured on the job. Also, if you become injured, as a unionized worker, you have a higher chance of getting compensation due to the unions’ associated legal team. 

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