Step by Step Guide to Open AAE files


AAE files are actually Adobe Illustrator Artwork v10.0 Encoded Files, which is basically a wrapper for other file formats like WPG, WMF, DWG, etc., and can be opened in Photoshop itself. Here’s how to do it…

Step 1: Launch Photoshop CS5 (or higher) and open your AAE file.

Step 2:   Click on File and choose “Automate -> Quick Analysis in the menu list

Step 3:   The results are displayed in a dialog box, Expand All Metadata Items by clicking on the checkmark present next to it, as shown below…

Step 4: Once expanded, you will see some of the below mentioned things:

a. Type: This field shows what kind of file format it is, i.e., WPG (vector graphic), WMF (Windows Meta File) etc.

b. Aspect Ratio: This displayed the ratio of height and width of the image in your AAE file which will help you to identify its original format.

c. Pixels/Inch: This field shows the resolution of your encoded file, i.e., 72, 96 etc.

d. Data Size: This field shows the total amount of data stored in your AAE file which will help you to compute its size when un-zipped.

e. Encoding: This field shows the type of encoding used, i.e., ZIP or JPEG etc. You can either choose to save it in JPEG or ZIP format depending upon the file size and requirement. Step 5: Once you have got all the information about your AAE file, Click on Save in the Quick Analysis dialog box…

Step 6: Now you will see the Save As window, select your desired location and type in a name for your AAE file (which would be the same as that of the input file), select JPEG or ZIP as per requirement from the drop down menu. 

Step 7:   In case, if you would like to save in ZIP format, then create a folder in the desired location with the help of File/New Folder… and select it using Choose button. Then, click on Save… Step 8:   Next thing you will see is another dialog box which will show you the progress of saving your file (in JPEG or ZIP). Once done, you will see a dialog box with the message that your AAE file has been successfully saved.

Step 9: Open that folder and you can now check for the output file of your choice (JPEG or ZIP) in it. In case, if JPEG is selected as format then you can view it using Quick Viewer which comes by default in Photoshop, or you can even open it using Photoshop itself. For

the same, go to File > Open and select JPEG file from your saved folder. You can even drag and drop it into Photoshop.

In case, if ZIP is selected as a format then there are chances that you will get a message box that would ask for extracting files from the archive. In such a case, choose any location and click on the Extract button to extract all the content of your AAE file in it.

Step 10: Now you can see your images or other supported file types in this folder.

Step 11: Now you have to open your AAE file again through File > Automate > Quick Analysis…, where your AAE file will be opened. Next thing you should do is click on Save As… button present at the bottom of the dialog box which would bring up a new window with same choices as in Step 6. Now, save the file with a different name and in a different location.

Step 12: Done! This way you can open your AAE files in Photoshop CS5 (or higher) and once saved, save them in JPEG or ZIP format to view or use them further.

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