Some of the top advantages of the EV charging stations for your workplace!

electric vehicle charging station

Electric vehicles may be fueled by renewable energy and might help Indian accomplish its emission reduction objectives at a reduced cost by reducing emissions in the transportation sector. Electric vehicles are the future of transportation, and they require a charging station, which can significantly benefit your business. The use of electric vehicles reduces not only our reliance on fossil fuels, but also our contribution to global warming. Get help from san jose towing company

Installing an electric vehicle charging station at your business is thus extremely beneficial in the long run. Here are a few things you should know about Commercial EV Charging Stations at Work! Of course, this is beneficial to business owners. However, it also means that there will be more vehicles on the road, including electric vehicles (EVs). According to the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, car traffic in several areas has surpassed pre-pandemic levels.

A charging station is a safest solution

As previously stated, most electric automobiles can be charged using a standard outlet. A short circuit or other technical flaw, on the other hand, can never be totally ruled out. Household sockets are not designed to offer a large amount of power for an extended period of time. Furthermore, bringing your own extension cables is strictly prohibited! A certified charging station, on the other hand, is connected to a protected circuit at the start of the electrical installation via a cable and has its own fuse.

A charging station simply charges faster

As a result of the limited electricity, charging your electric automobile through a plug is exceedingly slow. For example, a BMW i3 with a 220 km electric range will require 17 hours to charge. If you don’t have a charging station, you’ll be considerably faster. The task takes 4 to 11 hours to complete, depending on the charging station’s capacity. Is the heaviest-loading-capacity pile usually the best option? Definitely not! Is your car equipped with an 11 kW power output, yet your electrical system is single-phase? The optimum solution is a charging station with a current capacity of 7.4 kW. Unless you have a three-phase connection installed by your grid operator.

Change is coming and it plays to get ahead

The pressure on businesses to modernize their fleet is mounting with the implementation of low and ultra low emission zones, as well as an eventual ban on new diesel and petrol vehicles and vans. With the EV industry expanding, widespread acceptance and the expectation of charging stations as standard in workplaces is not far off. Businesses can gain a competitive edge by getting ahead of the curve, and they can presently take advantage of existing workplace incentive programmers to construct charging stations or purchase specific new electric vehicles for their fleet.

Brand agnostic chargers attracts more EV drivers

Electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla and Ford are continuing to add EV charging stations across the United States. However, unless you have an adapter, these stations are usually confined to their own brand of automobiles. Customers may receive benefits from these companies if they plug their vehicle into a charging station of the same brand.

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