Seven Essentials Rituals for the Rakhi Festival

Brothers and sisters, who are often found messing around, are tied eternally together with a bond of love. This bond comes to the wrist with a sacred thread and a joyous festival, referred to as Rakhi. Yes, we know this word leaves all the boys worried about giving the gifts, all the sisters excited about their gifts, and most importantly, everyone happy about this happy yearly celebration. Rakhi is celebrated with utmost zeal, enthusiasm, and happy spirit, not just in India, but also across the borders of the globe. Countries like Nepal, Mauritius, uk, us, Canada, and many more participate in this festival. Traditions are part of these celebrations and remain the same for the entire Indian populace. Some of these are seen as flexible, but some are essential to perform for the festivity. Okay, let’s not get all boring, but have a quick look at some of these essential practices.

  1. Rakhi 

Of course, Rakhi is about Rakhi! Sisters around the world happily get rakhis for their brothers and new dresses for themselves to celebrate the festival. Though the latter is optional (wink). While many are together in the celebration, there are still many who do not get to celebrate it together due to their work or studies. So, the sisters choose to get their services delivered through couriers and online platforms to make rakhi delivery in uk, online rakhi delivery to London, Mauritius, UAE, Singapore, as well as in Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Hyderabad, and other cities in India. There are a lot of beautiful styles available on the market that make your celebration special with their delightful looks.

  1. Early bathing

Not just rakshabandhan, but this early bathing tradition finds its way into every Indian festival, which, like any other festival, forms a very important ritual of this occasion too. Bathing in the early hours of the day, then getting dressed in traditional clothes and preparing delicious items of food are the activities that mark the start of this festive day.

  1. Preparing the pooja thali

A pooja thali for this festival includes a diya, roli, rice, sweets, and the rakhi. Sisters adorn these thalis in the best presentable way they can, and with this, they convey their love, respect, and honour for their brother. Different pooja thalis are available in the market and on the internet as this forms a core custom of this festival. As the tradition goes, this pooja thali is first addressed to the god with prayers for the well being of their brothers to enhance the sacredness of this festival that celebrates brothers and sisters!

  1. Tilak

Rakhi being a Hindu festival, is now not just limited to Hindus in the world. And so goes the tradition of tilak that has its roots in Hinduism. This auspicious tradition has its own significance and has hence found its place in every Hindu festival. The red lead tilak is applied to the brother’s forehead to promote his safety and purity of thoughts. The rice that is applied above the tilak is known to keep him away from destructive thoughts and evil intentions and hence is applied by mixing it with water to ensure it stays on the forehead for a long time. Not to forget, tilak is the new trend too! It actually looks super nice.

  1. Tying the thread of love—the rakhi

This is the actual moment that sisters wait for, i.e., the tying of the sacred thread on the brothers’ wrist. Rakhis find a place in every corner of the market, including the online markets, so that even if a sister is physically away from her brother, she has the ease of making rakhi delivery in uk, online rakhi delivery to London, Australia, Singapore, and other places in the world. Diamond, pearl, stone, zardosi, rudraksha, silver, and gold rakhis are the various rakhis available in the market and on the net to choose from, since sisters are very fond of choosing from an exotic range of rakhis so that they manage to get the best for their brothers.

  1. Mouth sweetening

This is another tradition that finds its way into every Hindu festival. It not only adds to the taste of your brother’s mouth but also signifies your pious wishes for his success and wellness—physically, mentally, and spiritually—that help him overpower all his vices and be on the right path with joy and happiness and sweets, of course. So, even if you are on a diet or something, just chuck it and grab your desserts!

  1. Gifts exchange

The last and actually the part we are all excited about is the Brothers are excited about their rakhi gifts and, vice versa, sisters are excited about what they will get in return. These gifts stay with us and keep reminding us of the fun we had on the occasion and also of the love and care we share with our special ones. And the gift can be anything; it could be something you’ve wanted for a long time that you finally get at this festival.

Rituals are the spirit, but the bond, love, and affection shared are the heart of every celebration. Make sure to celebrate it right with lots of love and sweets.

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