Plumbing Issues 101: Knowing When Your Kitchen Needs Help

Plumbing Issues 101

Kitchen is one of the most important areas in the house. Having it go through faulty problems can create a block in your normal day-to-day routine and leave you feeling frustrated. Facing plumbing issues at home is a matter of grave concern. 

While certain issues can be fixed by us, most in-depth problems require professional help in order to restore is back to normalcy and avoid facing such troubles anytime soon. Often with the presence of running water, issues follow after a certain period of time with extensive use, thus opening up plumbing problems. Here are some of such problems that you are likely to face in your kitchen.

Clogged drains

Due to the build-up of waste materials in your sink, it’s normal to face clogged drains that cause the water in your sink to get blocked. If ignored the problem worsens and leaves space for the water to overflow as it has no space to drain and flow through. While small blocks are easy to break, extreme blockages often require the needs for expert help. 

Dishwasher leaks 

There are several causes for a dishwasher leak, and trying to figure out what is causing it can help you understand better whether it’s fixable or requires professional help.  Damages spray arms, broken float switch or problems with the drain hose are few of the possible reasons for a leaky dishwasher. And like every other plumbing issue, if not attended to, the damage tends to become deeper. 

Leaky faucets 

Leaky faucets and pipes are common kitchen plumbing problems that one faces through the years of wear and tear. This issue is often best fixed with the help of experts as they have a better idea on how to handle and fix the problem without further causing any damage. Residential plumbing problems as such are often common in every household; the important part is to ensure you attend to it. 

Bad water pressure

Always make a habit of cleaning your aerator by unscrewing it and brushing it clean in order to rid particles clogged in it. However, if the problem is buying a clogged aerator, it’s important to get it checked and fixed as it could lead to low water pressure, which can disturb your usual kitchen chores. 

Jammed disposal

A jammed garbage disposal can disturb the process of your sink. When a garbage disposal is clogged, you not only tend to hear a humming noise, but the liquid and water often stars to throw up into the sink. This issue often takes place when something disturbs the turning of the blades in it. Avoid putting your fingers or hands into the drain at all costs. 

Refrigerator leaks 

Refrigerator leaks don’t often occur due to a single reason. While some reasons are mild, many are in depth faulty issues that cause leaks and may affect the cooling system within your fridge depending on the severity of the problem.

Kitchen is just one of the many places at home that we tend to face plumbing problems. 

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