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Payeer is an online multi-digital money stage intended to help the purchasing, selling, keeping, and pulling out of digital forms of money.


Payeer is an online multi-digital money stage intended to help the purchasing, selling, keeping, and pulling out of digital forms of money. Furthermore, Payeer upholds the buying of merchandise and enterprises from Payeer upheld merchants.

At present, the Payeer stage upholds 7 digital forms of money that incorporate Bitcoin (“BTC”), Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”), (“DASH”), Ethereum (“ETH”), Litecoin (“LTC”), Ripple’s (“XRP”), and USD Tether (“USDT”).

Payeer additionally upholds the store and withdrawal of fiat cash and the exchanging of crypto-fiat and fiat-fiat pairings. Fiat monetary forms as of now upheld incorporate US Dollar, Russian Ruble, and EUR.

Established in 2019 and settled in Tallin, Estonia, Payeer is directed by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (“VFSC”) and by the MEAC.

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The stage upholds 177 nations all throughout the planet, working with fiat and crypto stores and withdrawals.

Business Services and Payment Methods

Payeer gives an online stage supporting the contributing and exchanging of digital currencies.

Financial backers can buy cryptographic forms of money on the Payeer stage by storing EUR, Russian Rubles, or US Dollars. Financial backers and brokers can likewise ready to store previously held Payeer upheld digital currencies to support Payeer accounts.

For clients hoping to store fiat cash, Payeer offers different store alternatives including charge and Visa, Perfect Money, Advcash, and QIWI. Do take note of that store charges do fluctuate.

Clients who effectively own Payeer upheld digital forms of money may move these to the viable cryptographic money wallets accessible on the Payeer stage.

The Pros and Cons


Directed: Payeer is controlled by VFSC and by MEAC.

Client assistance: Users may contact client care by raising a help ticket. Reactions are allowed inside 24-hours.

Fiat Money: Users may store and pull out upheld cryptos and EUR, Russian Ruble, and U.S Dollars.

Worldwide Reach: Payeer upholds 177 nations around the world.

Portable Compatible: Payeer application is viable for Android and IOS cell phones.

Straightforward Registration Process: It requires merely minutes to enlist. Clients may cause withdrawals of up to $999 until the check interaction is finished.

Low Commissions: Commissions are seriously low at 0.095%.

Different positives incorporate

Business and individual arrangements: Payeer is prepared to give installment administrations to individual and business needs.

High Focus on Security: Appropriate security settings accessible for clients to ensure account subtleties and resources. 2FA is a second layer of safety accessible alongside different alternatives, including telephone restricting.

Reference Program: Up to 25% off all exchanges, with 6 degrees of references.


Payeer as of now just backings 7 digital currencies. These are among the biggest cryptos by market cap, in any case, with a wide scope of exchange pairings on offer.

At present, the stage just backings English and Russian dialects.

The Details

Payeer upholds the contributing and exchanging of digital currencies. As well as furnishing dealers with crypto-crypto pairings, Payeer likewise offers merchants crypto-fiat cash and fiat-fiat pairings to exchange.

Financial backers hoping to buy Payeer upheld cryptos can either store previously claimed cryptos and trade or store EUR, Russian Ruble, or U.S Dollars to buy cryptos.

Payeer presently upholds Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple’s XRP, and USD Tether.

Financial backers can buy upheld cryptos by means of the “Exchange” stage by either saving U.S Dollars, Russian Ruble, or EURs or used Payeer upheld cryptos.

For brokers, Payeer offers merchants a wide scope of crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat cash pairings just as fiat-crypto pairings by means of its Payeer “Exchange” page.

Exchange pairings on proposal as follows:

Bitcoin Pairings:


Bitcoin Cash Pairings:


Run Pairings:


Ethereum Pairings:


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Litecoin Pairings:


Wave’s XRP Pairings:


USD Tether Pairings:


Trade Platform

For financial backers looking to just buy or trade upheld cryptos and fiat cash, the Exchange page gives an easy to utilize money trade stage to purchase and sell cryptos and fiat cash.

The Payeer trade page permits financial backers to purchase and sell upheld cryptos with either EUR, Russian Ruble or U.S Dollars. Financial backers may likewise exchange Payeer upheld cryptos and fiat cash.


The Payeer stage furnishes financial backers and brokers with diagrams, which incorporate opening value, low, high, and close cost.

Outline time spans accessible incorporate 12-hours, 1-day, 3-days, 1-week, 1-month, what not.

Outlines are accessible for review on the Trade page and clients approach two organizations, these being “New” and “Old” as demonstrated underneath:


As demonstrated underneath, extra data inside the new diagram design incorporates last value, 24-hour cost and rate change, 24-hour high, and 24-hour low.

Exchange pairings can be chosen by utilizing the dropdown menus to one side of the graph.


As demonstrated beneath, data inside the “Old” outline design incorporates last value, bid cost, and asking cost.

Inside the “Old” design, clients may choose their favored exchange blending inside the graph as demonstrated beneath. There is likewise a live talk to share exchanging thoughts and market sees.

Equilibriums and Trading History

Payeer gives merchants and financial backers all the essential information expected to see current adjusts, dynamic positions, and chronicled movement.

Crypto and Fiat Account Balances

Inside the “Equilibrium” page, clients may see singular wallet adjusts. Clients may either see all record adjusts on one page or view singular fiat or digital currency adjusts as demonstrated beneath:


The “History” page furnishes clients with a nitty gritty breakdown of every recorded exchange. Data gave incorporates Data, Credit, Debit, PS, ID, and Status.

To make it simpler for clients to dissect the data, clients may trade the information to CSV.

Clients may likewise channel exchanges by digital currency or fiat cash type as demonstrated beneath:

At long last, dealers and financial backers may likewise see verifiable exchanges and orders on the “Exchange” stage. Here you may likewise see all executed exchanges across the Payeer organization.

Data gave incorporates season of the exchange, exchange value, sum bought, and esteem. The set of experiences gave depends on the exchange blending chose.

For decisive purposes, we have chosen the BTC-USD matching. Cost and worth are appeared in USD, with sum in BTC, as demonstrated beneath:

At long last, there is additionally a “Equilibrium” depiction that is accessible on every one of the Payeer pages.

Just snap the bolt, as demonstrated underneath, to see an equilibrium rundown of every one of the records. An absolute is likewise given in USD.

Payeer Platform Attributes

Key ascribes of the Payeer stage include:

Quick and simple enlistment measure.

Supports the store and withdrawal of digital currencies and fiat cash.

Numerous store choices including fiat stores with Mastercard.

Information and Output by bank cards from 177 nations.

Moment between Payeer account moves.

Low commission expenses of 0.095%.

A simple to-utilize stage obliging both beginner and more experienced merchants.

KYC and AML consistent.

European License for the trading of digital currencies.

Withdrawals are covered at USD999 until consummation of the check interaction.

Accentuation on security permitting clients to ensure account subtleties and resources.

Client service with reaction seasons of between 1-24 hours.

Exchanging Platform

Payeer gives financial backers and merchants a compelling and basic approach to put and exchange cryptos.

Financial backers and merchants can go into purchase and sell orders in one of two different ways:




Trade is a moment cash trade where financial backers may change previously held fiat over to crypto, fiat to fiat, or crypto to crypto.

To complete a cash trade, go to the “Trade” page. At that point select the record you wish to charge and the record you wish to subsidize from the individual dropdown menus.

For illustrative purposes, we have picked Bitcoin (“BTC”) and EUR as demonstrated underneath. The conversion scale is the overarching conversion scale at the hour of trade, which is given whenever you have chosen your trade matching.

Enter the measure of Bitcoin that you wish to have charged from your Bitcoin record and afterward click “Trade”.

After tapping the “Trade” symbol, your Bitcoin record will be charged and your EUR account credited momentarily.


For clients hoping to exchange, the “Exchange” page gives merchants and financial backers the stage to exchange crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat, and fiat-fiat exchange pairings.

From the dropdown menus on the upper left hand side of the “Exchange” page, select the blending that you wish to exchange.

For definite purposes, we have chosen BTC/EUR. Note that the value chart and exchange accounts will reflect BTC/EUR exchanges.

Underneath the value diagram, you may then choose your request type. As of now, clients just select Limit Order. Clients can soon additionally submit a Market Request or a Stop Limit Order.

To purchase/sell Bitcoin, enter the quantity of Bitcoin that you wish to buy/sell and afterward click the “Purchase” or “sell” button.

You are given the cost per Bitcoin in EUR and the aggregate sum due to be paid in EUR whenever you have entered the advise

Whenever you have submitted the request, the exchange will show up in your “My Orders” segment found on the upper left hand side of your “Exchange” page.

Key highlights of the Payeer stage include:

Exchanging Features

Exchange: An easy to utilize interface for financial backers and dealers, where clients can exchange Payeer upheld exchange pairings.

Trade: A momentary money trade stage permitting clients to trade crypto for crypto, fiat for fiat, or fiat for crypto or the other way around.

Following Options

History: Provides a nitty gritty history of all exchanges did on the Payeer stage and clients may likewise see “My History” and “My orders”.

Equilibrium: Users can see their individual record adjusts and all out balance.

Installment Options

Add: Allows clients to store both fiat cash and digital forms of money.

Equilibrium: Users may store and pull out fiat cash and digital forms of money from the individual client accounts.

Move: The “Move” page permits clients to move assets between Payeer accounts.

Profit Options

Payeer clients can procure pay through the reference program.

By advancing your very own connection on the web, clients can get up to 25% of the income from Payeer expenses. Payeer permits clients to pull out reserves quickly utilizing an assortment of techniques.

See subsidiaries page here.


Backing: Users can bring a help ticket up in request to determine any issues or address any questions. Client assistance reacts inside 24 hours.

Store and Withdrawal Options

For financial backers and brokers hoping to store or pull out reserves, Payeer permits stores and withdrawals in digital forms of money or EUR, Russian Ruble or US Dollars.

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Fiat Money:


Fiat cash stores: Users may put aside installments via:

Bank Cards: Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro.

Amazing Money.



For expressive purposes, we have chosen to store EUR and Visa card as installment strategy.

To put aside an installment, go to the “Add” page and select your EUR account from the “Pick Account” dropdown menu.

Pick Visa from the “Pick System” dropdown menu. Kindly note that the store charge is 3.99% for Visa bank card stores.

Enter the measure of EUR that you wish to store and afterward click “Add”. There is most extreme per exchange store of €7,500.

At the point when you have entered the sum that you wish the exchange, the Total Amount is auto-populated and incorporates the store expense. See underneath:

Whenever you have clicked “Add”, audit the store subtleties and afterward click “Affirm”, where you will be diverted to the “Installment” page.

Enter your card subtleties and afterward click “Pay”.

On the other hand, you may set aside an installment by going to the “Equilibrium” page and tapping on “Store” for the record you wish to finance. This will divert you to the “Add” page with the goal that you can finish the exchange as laid out above.


Clients may pull out likewise pull out fiat cash in either EUR, Russian Rubles, or US Dollars via the accompanying installment techniques:




Mastercard Int.

Ukrainian Bank

To make a fiat cash withdrawal, go to the “Equilibrium” page and snap “Withdrawal” on the record that you wish to pull out from.

For illustrative purposes, we have picked U.S Dollars and Mastercard.

Select the installment technique structure the “Pick System” dropdown menu and enter the card number that you wish to subsidize.

Enter the sum and afterward click “Send”. Note that the all out shown incorporates the withdrawal expense.

Kindly likewise note that there are sure impediments for Mastercard withdrawals. These include:

Least $10 or €10 withdrawal.

Most extreme $1,300 or €1,150 withdrawal per exchange.

Every day card withdrawal breaking point of $4,800 or €4,800 per card.

Month to month card withdrawal breaking point of $20,000 or €20,000 per card.

Moves can take up to 10 business days.

Digital currencies

Payeer permits the store and withdrawal of Payeer upheld digital currencies.

Clients can set aside installments and withdrawals from the Payeer “Equilibrium” page as demonstrated underneath:


To set aside a crypto installment, you may either go to the “Add” page or the “Equilibrium” page.

For decisive purposes, we are keeping Ethereum through the “Add” page.

Go to the “Add” page and select the crypto you wish to store from the “Pick Account” dropdown menu.

Duplicate your novel Payeer wallet address and move your picked measure of Ethereum from your outer wallet.

While there are no expenses for crypto stores, there are least exchange sums.

When your record has been credited, the Ethereum equilibrium will be refreshed in like manner.

(To abstain from making a mistake in entering the location subtleties, it is prescribed that you duplicate the location to move from your private wallet to your Payeer wallet).


For withdrawals, merchants and financial backers can pull out digital currencies by moving out from your Payeer wallet to viable outer wallets.

To pull out your cryptographic money, go to the “Equilibrium” page and select the record from which you wish to pull out your digital currency and snap “Pull out”.

Enter the wallet address that you wish to move your cryptographic money to, enter the sum, and afterward click “Send”.

Kindly note that there are least and most extreme withdrawal sums as demonstrated previously.


To open a record, go to the Payeer landing page and snap on the “Make an Account” symbol as demonstrated underneath:

Enter your email address, as incited

Affirm your email address by entering the check code shipped off your email address and by clicking “Make Account”.

Endless supply of your record, you are then furnished with your record secret phrase, secret code, and record name. Keep these in a protected spot. You can change the subtleties whenever liked.

Presently enter your name and select your nation of home and snap “Next”.

Endless supply of stage 3 of the record creation measure, you are then coordinated to the Payeer stage as demonstrated underneath:

If it’s not too much trouble, note that you still can’t seem to finish the confirmation interaction. Payeer’s AML/KYC arrangements confine withdrawal cutoff points to USD999 or identical until the confirmation interaction is finished.


To finish the check cycle, go to the dropdown menu situated to one side of your record number:

Snap the “Go” hyperlink close by Verification and enter the data incited, as demonstrated beneath:

Some extra security alternatives are accessible during the confirmation interaction include:

Cell phone Binding: Upon entering your cell phone number, you have the alternative to tie your portable number.

Whenever you have finished the data click “Confirmation”

You will at that point need to give an examined duplicate of your identification or ID and verification of address as demonstrated underneath:

If it’s not too much trouble, note that the record utilized for confirmation of address should not be more established than 90 days.

Whenever you have transferred archives, you will get a warning expressing “reports effectively sent for checking”.

Until the confirmation interaction is finished, the day by day withdrawal cutoff of USD999 will stay set up.

Now, we likewise suggest that you set up an extra security layer to ensure your record subtleties and resources.

Go to the dropdown menu close by your Account No and click the SMS Security “Off” symbol.

Here you can set extra safety efforts. These include:

Send check code when sub-net, or IP address changed or both.

Approaching Payment Notifications: Send to email or send by means of SMS and set least sum for notice.

Reestablish passwords: Choose strategy for sending code. Choices incorporate email, SMS, Telegram.

Expert Key – You have the alternative to empower Master Key.

Upon fruition, click “affirm”.

Post Registration Deposit

At this stage, you will currently have to put aside an installment to start exchanging and contributing.

You have the choice to store U.S Dollars, Russian Ruble, EUR, or Payeer upheld cryptographic forms of money.

Go to the “Add” page and select the record into which you wish to set aside an installment. See beneath:

For illustrative purposes, we have decided to store U.S Dollars.

Select your favored installment technique from the “Pick System” dropdown menu.

Please not the expenses that shift contingent on the installment strategy picked.

For definite purposes, we have decided to store with Visa. Kindly note that the most extreme visa store per exchange is covered at $7,500, €7,500 or ₽100,000.

Payeer acknowledges cards from 138 nations. Nations avoided include: USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, India, Afghanistan, Colombia, Angola, Chad, Congo, Cuba, Palestine, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Syria, and some others.

Enter the sum that you wish to store and snap “Add”.

Whenever you have clicked “Add”, you will at that point need to survey the store subtleties and afterward click “Affirm”.

You are then diverted to the Visa Payment Page. Enter your card subtleties and snap “Pay”.

Whenever you have finished your store and assets have arrived at your Payeer account, you can start exchanging and putting into cryptos.

Expenses and Charges

Payeer has a committed page furnishing clients and planned clients with a nitty gritty breakdown of every significant charge. Charges are accommodated both individual and business Payeer account holders.

There are no secret charges implanted inside coin costs.

Stage Fees

Stage expenses are summed up beneath:

Store and Withdrawal Fees

For Deposits and withdrawals of Payeer upheld cryptos, there are no expenses to subsidize Payeer upheld crypto wallets.

Store Fees for Fiat Money

Expenses for stores shift contingent on favored technique to put aside an installment.

Store Fees for Cryptos

As demonstrated beneath, there are no expenses for the storing of crypto

Withdrawal Fees for Fiat Money

As demonstrated beneath, charges for pulling out fiat cash shifts relying on favored strategy for withdrawal.

Digital currency Withdrawal Fees

As demonstrated underneath, there are no charges for the withdrawal of digital currencies.

Protection and Security

Payeer conveys merchants and financial backers with a multi-layered security stage.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA): 2FA is set up, with telephone restricting additionally accessible for clients to keep up vital security conventions.

It is important that Payeer has a solid accentuation on protection, with a committed Privacy Policy page. The Payeer stage is dependably shielded from DDoS-assaults by means of Vistnet.

Administrative Compliance: Payeer is a controlled by VFSC and MEAC. Suitable AML/KYC arrangements are set up to meet all controller prerequisites. There is a devoted AML/KYC page with full subtleties of Payeer approaches.

Upheld Cryptocurrencies

Payeer gives financial backers and brokers admittance to the most well known cryptos in the commercial center.

These incorporate Bitcoin (“BTC”), Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”), (“DASH”), Ethereum (“ETH”), Litecoin (“LTC”), Ripple’s (“XRP”), and USD Tether (“USDT”).

To exchange crypto-crypto, fiat-fiat, or fiat-crypto pairings, go to the Payeer “Exchange” page. Select the favored matching from the dropdown menus situated at the upper left of the “Exchange” page as demonstrated underneath:

On the other hand, clients may likewise trade fiat cash or cryptos by going to the “Trade” page as demonstrated underneath:

Payeer Wallets

Clients may see their crypto and fiat cash wallets on the “Equilibrium” page as demonstrated beneath:

From here, clients may store and pull out fiat cash and cryptos just as check adjusts.

There are no charges for storing or pulling out cryptos from Payeer wallets. This empowers clients to effortlessly move cryptos between outer wallets and Payeer wallets.

Clients may likewise store and pull out Payeer upheld fiat monetary forms from the separate wallets. If it’s not too much trouble, note that store and withdrawal charges change contingent on installment strategy chose. See Fees and Charges area for more the expense breakdown.

Client assistance

Payeer gives client assistance day in and day out. Clients may raise a ticket Via the “Backing” page and the Payeer client assistance group will react inside 24-hours.

Extra Information


A portion of the more often posed inquiries accessible on Payeer include:

Secret key Recovery

All together reestablish your secret key and Master Key: Go to the failed to remember information recuperation page:

Enter your record number, email or telephone number you used to make your record with.

The new secret phrase isn’t shipped off your email or telephone, so if it’s not too much trouble, save it in the wake of making. You will get the expert key just (in the event that you set it in the record settings).

Cutoff points and limits

There are no restrictions to the quantity of exchanges inside the framework.

In a few nations there are limits per one exchange as indicated by the current enactment.

Any remaining exchange limits are expressed here the “move” area).

Assets Disappeared or record was hacked

In all likelihood your PC is influenced by Trojan. The taken assets are removed from the framework by the programmers quickly as broad, in this way it is typically difficult to bring them back.

Kindly don’t utilize a similar secret key for your Payeer account and different locales.

Change secret key to your record

Set the approval affirmation with wire (free) or SMS (0.05USD per SMS) and turn on the expert key that was shipped off your email while making the record:

Change your email secret phrase and set two-stage approval.

Check your PC for programming infections device

Mood killer all augmentations (counting glimmer and java modules) for the program you use for Payeer.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that as long as you use Windows OS or login with Android your record can be hacked whenever, notwithstanding if you have antivirus programming. For the protected work with your electronic wallets and banks we unequivocally prescribe you to buy another PC and set the Ubuntu or MAC OS.

99% of infections and Trojans can influence Windows OS as it were. This is the most dependable and compelling approach to abstain from hacking.

For any remaining inquiries, if it’s not too much trouble, raise another ticket.


While Payeer is a generally new part in the crypto space, the stage is easy to utilize and has a broad worldwide reach.

Supporting both fiat and crypto stores and withdrawals, clients can exchange and trade both fiat and advanced monetary forms.

Covering the biggest cryptos, by market cap, Payeer is an ideal stage for financial backers and brokers hoping to acquire openness to the crypto world.

Low expenses and fitting KYC/AML and safety efforts are additionally positives for those searching for a dependable and managed stage.

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