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If you are using a computer easily without having to type complicated codes, some credits will definitely go to Microsoft for the operating system which it has been developing and updating for years Its premium version is so useful for business in this article you get the complete process. They have completely changed the computer’s perception in people’s minds – from a complicated device to an easy user-friendly device.

Computers have always been an important instrument for keeping records. It has been more efficient than any other traditional setup to keep the records. And it is getting easier and easier for an individual to store his personal and official data with the help of a computer. Here, Microsoft Office has played an important role. It has made systematic data management very easy. Due to this, it is being used on such a large scale by organizations and individuals.

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The data storage technology went a level ahead with the introduction of the technology called cloud. The Data which was limited to the storage device of the organization and individual became more accessible. Many companies started to use office 365 because of its nature. Also, the lockdown and restriction made many companies depend on this technology.

Thus, comes the introduction of Office 365 which provides you the similar functions that the MS Office does, with an additional feature of accessibility. Due to which you can enter, edit and remove data from anywhere at any time.

How to setup office 365 with

I have tried to provide you a step-by-step guide to This process consists of almost everything, right from Finding the Keycode, Downloading the Applications to your device to adding the members of your business so that they can use the service. I have arranged them in such a way that you can follow them one by one, starting from one to five.

  • THE KEYCODE with product key

Keycode in simple terms is a unique code provided to you for the installation of the application and its functioning, once you have purchased the application. So, if you have purchased Office 365, you will get a Keycode with it. It will be within the package or in the email that you have received. This is an important part of the process to for Microsoft Office 365.


If you have bought the Keycode, the first thing you will have to do is redeem it. To redeem the Keycode, you will have to go to the following website:

Once the website is loaded, the following will appear on the screen:
  • Enter your Product Key Code

Click on the space where ‘Product Key’ is written. Type your product key here.

  • Let’s set up your account

Here, the details for setting up the account will be asked. These will include some of your personal detail. Fill them up.

  • Tell us about yourself

As the title itself suggests, you have to provide some details about yourself

  • Create your business identity

This step will be a little bit complicated in comparison to the previous steps. Here you will have to add your domain name. If you don’t have one, you can either buy a domain name from here or continue with the domain name Microsoft will provide. If you have one, you will have to verify its ownership by adding a TXT record. Microsoft has provided there the instructions to do so. After, when you add your Id and Password, remember that this will be the same Id from which you will get access to the admin account for

  • Set up recurring bills

To understand this option, you will need to understand what recurring bills are. So, Office 365 provides you service on a subscription basis. This means that you will have to repetitively pay a certain amount after a certain period. You can make this process automatic by enabling the option. Then, add the payment details of where you wish that the amount should be deducted from. This will activate the process.

  • Downloading the software for

If you have other versions of the Software, you will have to delete them before downloading this new version. To do so, you will have to go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. Here you can select the application and uninstall it. Once you have done so, you can start with the process.
  1. For downloading the software, you will have to go to the following website:
  2. A page will load where there will be two options. Press the ‘Sign-in’ option.
  3. Now type the email address that you used in the earlier process. Press ‘Next’ (If you had already signed in by any other account, select ‘Change Account’ and then choose ‘Use another account’. Now sign-in through the given method)
  4. Type the password of the account and again press ‘Next’
  5. In here, type or paste the product key.
  6. Below this are two options. Choose your country in the first one and in the second one, choose the language in which you want the instructions to be given.
  7. Finally press the ‘Next’ button and a page will load up.
  8. If you have not enabled the recurring bill option previously, disable the activated auto-renewal option. Then press ‘Next’. If you have enabled it, they might ask you the payment details again.
  9. Now press ‘Next’ to load the page from where you can download the applications.
  10. Now choose the ‘Install’ option.
  11. Again, select the ‘Install’ option to confirm the installation. The Software will start downloading.

Once the download is completed follow these procedures to install the applications and The installation process will be different for different operating systems. So, follow the procedure according to your operating system.

For Windows Operation System:

  • Open the Application
  • Then, select the ‘Yes’ button.
  • The Applications will start installing. When it is done, the ‘Close’ option will appear. Select it.

For the Mac Operating System:

  • Open the Downloaded Application
  • Press ‘Continue’ to load the process to install the applications
  • The License Agreement will load. Read them and then press the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Press the ‘Agree’ button, to agree the terms and conditions.
  • Select the ‘Install’ button.
  • Now select ‘Close’. A Pop may appear, in which select ‘Keep’. You can check the applications that are downloaded in your device

For the Android Operating System

  • For Android, the process is very simple. All you have to do is open the play store application. Here, in the search bar type: Microsoft Office
  • There will be a combination of all apps in the first option. It will be similar to the way you downloaded in your Windows or Mac Computer. Or you can download individually the app you want from office
  • Then open the application and sign in through your Microsoft 365 Mail Id and Password
  • Do this for all the applications that you have installed.

For the IOS Operating System

  • Here also the process will be similar. Open the App Store application.
  • Type ‘Microsoft Office’ in the Application’s Search Bar.
  • From here, download all the Application you want to use.
  • Once you have downloaded the application, open them one by one and sign-in with your Microsoft 365 Email Id. After this, you can use the applications.
  • Adding Additional Users

For this, you will have to go to the Admin Website. There you are going to find the options to do so. You will also find all other additional settings in that space.

  • Paste the following in your browser:
  • Select the ‘Navigations’ icon, which is of three horizontal lines on the top of each other
  • From the various options, choose ‘Users’.
  • Here, choose the ‘Add a user’ option. This will be in a form of small icon with a name, right above the blank space.
  • Now you can add the name, Id and Password for the user. This will add up a new account. There are also various options like auto-generating the password, sending the password on email, etc. which will ease your work. You can use them by checking those options. But, even if you do it manually, there won’t be any issue.  

I’ve added almost everything here. If you haven’t bought a Microsoft 365 Account you can easily buy it from ‘’. Just select the ‘Microsoft 365’ option from here. It will provide you various options to choose from. From them, you can choose the one you want. Then, it will display the various packs they have. You can subscribe to the one you want. There is also an option for a trial version.

So, you can even try the application before purchasing it. Once you have done the setup, you can use this download application on any of your devices. That’s actually the main benefit of using Microsoft 365. You can make changes anytime from anywhere with any device. And I hope this article has helped you in doing so. In any case, you are facing issues in completing the process, you can contact Microsoft Helpline by searching for them on your browser. They will help you.  

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