No better way to express your love than to gift wonderful flowers!


The digital era has completely transformed what it means to shop for a flowers or gift. Most of the customers have shifted online when they have to choose a gift for their loved ones. This shift has come gradually but it has no signs of slowing down, as there are countless advantages of online gift shops.

The rise of these online gift shops is sustained because the customers prize the convenience offered by the shops. During festive seasons, and even on weekends, local gift shops are were crowed so online shops give the customers an option to browse leisurely without the hassle of pushing through crowds. And on top of that, the online shops have better deals and coupons, which are not available in local offline stores. There are a lot of chances to get unique trendy gifts from online gift portals, and local shops cannot compete with that. One of the best online gift shop, Oyegifts, has a wide variety of products at affordable prices, that are truly a treat for shoppers!

Surprise your loved one with fresh blooms!

The art of gifting flowers goes back, as Victorians used to present people with flowers in order to convey their true emotions. In true Victorian fashion, overt expressions of sentiments were not acceptable, so flowers became the secret language through which people communicated what they felt. Even today, the language of flowers hasn’t lost its significance, and people do use bouquets to communicate their emotions. Every culture has different meanings associated with different blooms, but the art of gifting flowers is pretty much encouraged everywhere.

No gift can give an immediate sense of happiness as flowers can. There are so many expensive and otherworldly gifts to choose from, but the joy from receiving flowers is truly invaluable.

Here are a couple of ideas for your flower bouquets-


Everyone knows and loved roses, and why shouldn’t they? Roses have fascinated people over the centuries, and now they are common symbols of love and passion. Indeed, the red rose bouquets are quite in demand for events like Valentine’s Day. They have been known to symbolize true love over the centuries, and have become the classic sign for expressing love. However, roses come in different colours, and each colour has a different meaning.

Pink roses do not have romantic connotations like their red counterparts, and they are known to be symbols of gratitude and admiration. You can gift a bunch of pink blooms to people who are most appreciated by you. These pink roses are popularly used in birthday gifts and engagement parties.

Yellow roses are symbols of happiness and warmth, while white roses stand for purity and grace. There are even orange and purple roses, and they look great on bouquets.


Orchids are perhaps the most graceful and elegant flowers out there. These fresh flowers are perfect for expressing love and friendship. Orchids have different cultural implications all around the world, and they have wide varieties too. White orchids are revered for their purity and rarity. They can symbolize innocence and hope, and they are the perfect gift for your loved ones. There are many colours to choose from, as there are yellow, green, red as well as purple orchids too. As you can probably guess, red orchids are used to represent love and passion just like their rose counterparts. They are even used for good luck and fortune.


Lilies are well-recognizable and these beautiful flowers are often used in flower bouquets. The good news is they are long-lasting too, and the shape and beauty of lilies are enough to incentivize you to buy a bouquet for your next gifting occasion. Lilies have been associated with love and fertility for a long time, and they also come in different colours. White lilies are the most popular, and they are used to symbolize the rebirth of the human soul. Often used for expressing the hope of new beginnings, these white blooms come first in our minds when lilies are mentioned. They are often presented in funerals, rather than dwelling on the sorrow of the departed life, they symbolize the hope of rebirth.

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Instead of sticking with only one type of flower, many customers choose to mix and match different blooms to make the bouquet more stunning. By mixing different flowers, you can create a wonderful bouquet of emotions. A cluster of different colours look amazing, and many stores like Oyegifts create pretty arrangements of flowers. Gathering lilies and gerberas look great, and mixing the different colours of roses are also a great choice. Carnations and lilies also make an eye-catching combo.

Flowers and their different meanings are very interesting to know, and gifting them brings so much joy to the receivers. Bouquets are appropriate for multiple occasions, and unlike other gifts, the sweet scent of blooms carries special meaning to nature lovers.

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