Men’s Underwear for Different Body Types

Men’s Underwear

Since underwear are worn inside the clothes, not much people really put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect underwear type that suits them. However, getting the right one has a huge effect on your comfort and confidence all day long since it is the garment that sits very closely to your skin. If you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing or you have underwear that is too tight or too loose, it won’t be that convenient to move around freely. 

It is recommended that underwear should be replaced at least twice a year, when it doesn’t fit right, or when it simply looks worn out already. To help you choose the right underwear type for your body, here are the basic types to look into. 


Briefs are most likely the first kind of underwear you have worn when you were still a kid. However, adult styles are way better and sleeker than the traditional ones. Because of its design and cut, briefs look great for men with larger thighs since it doesn’t ride up on the leg part. 

It also provides great support, making it perfect for use when working out or playing active sports. Nothing beats the comfort of cotton briefs for every use. However, if you’re looking for something you could use while working out, look for moisture-wicking fabric alternatives instead. 


If you’re looking for more breathability and coverage, mens boxers are well-suited for you. It has a longer leg that fits loosely, giving you more space down there. However, boxers offer very little support which is not suitable to be worn when working out or doing heavy or active work. 

Boxers fit perfectly for those who have thinner thighs. You could even find slim-cut options that are better fitting than the loose ones. Men with larger thighs may find boxer a bit tricky to use since the leg could ride up through the day. With more material in between the thighs, it tends to get sweatier with larger thighs. 

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are the most versatile men’s underwear type. It provides good support just like a brief and offers more coverage as well just like boxers. It is usually made from jersey material with a slimmer fit compared to traditional boxers. 

Boxer briefs look great on any body type and silhouette, making it a go-to underwear for most men. Be sure to choose one that fits perfectly and not too tight or loose to avoid fabric from bunching up as you go through your day. 


For slimmer or gym-honed men, trunks or hipsters would fit perfectly. It looks like a shorter version of a regular boxer brief with a lower waistline, making it perfect to showcase those abs and muscles. A lot of men with larger thighs usually find trunks uncomfortable since the leg rides up and bunches as they walk. This makes trucks more suitable for men with slimmer thighs.

By knowing the different types of underwear, it would be a lot easier to find and choose which one suits your body type perfectly. 

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