Is Zonbase legit to use for Amazon FBA Research?

Amazon FBA Research

While the businesses on Amazon in each marketplace are getting condensed and sellers of a single product are increasing day by day, the need for the business owners to get affiliated with online Amazon research tools is also increasing and for this great and emerging reason, they are searching for the tools to optimize their Amazon online businesses. Due to the variety of the research services and tools, Zonebase proved itself to be the most wanted among a number of research tools offering Amazon FBA related researches and business optimization. So, most of the Zonbase users answer to the question of is Zonbase legit, is a great YES. 

The cloud-based research software of Zonbase has thirteen tools which are making the research and optimization process smooth and sound. The web service and the extension of the Zonbase are designed to provide specific required data which is needed to analyze the worth of a product, to get the Amazon business to optimize, and then finally to optimize the sales of the product. 

Zonbase Research Tool

With the help of the Zonresearch tool, one can perform accurate and updated research for the data from the Amazon algorithm. With the tool available under the Zonbase research tools, there are four research tools designed to make four different types of research. These tools are as below:

ZonResearch– This tool is designed to get the required data which is required with the help of filters and user requirements. 

Chrome Extension– This is the extension that is installed in Chrome and used to get the data from the Amazon search pages. The data is mostly for the prices, sales, revenue, ratings and reviews, and the product identification numbers along with the brand details which is selling that product. 

Hot Products– Every hour, Zonbase provides a list of the top 100 selling products which are gifted to others and this list is being updated each hour by the Zonbase. 

Sales estimator- With this feature, users or Amazon sellers can get the exact figures of sales that a competitor is making in a month or a day. 

With all the above tools, one can easily get a profit-wining product to sell on Amazon. 

Zonbase Listing Optimizer

Under this tool, Zonbase provides two services which are as below:

Listify– This tool optimizes the Amazon product listing by adding high search volume keywords that are fetched from the Amazon algorithm directly. 

Photo optimizer– This tool is specially designed to increase the resolution of the images of the products especially the main image of the product. This tool can also generate lifestyle images of a product if the main image is inserted. 

Zonbase Sales Estimator

Product validator– Product validator enables the sellers to analyze a product on pre-designed criteria, which is set by the Zonbase and can also be changed by the user. 

Keywords tool– This tool is responsible to create a number of keyword options if a seed keyword is entered. For a single keyword, this tool comes up with all the available keywords which are used on Amazon for searches by real buyers and for listing the products by the sellers. 

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