How To Up Your Winter Fashion Game: Men Fashion Guide

Winter Fashion Game

Winters are ending soon. However, it is still cold enough that you need to stay in layers to feel warm. If you always like to dress according to the changing season, then it’s the perfect time for you. The best thing about winter’s dressing is that it offers versatility that other seasons fail to offer. In winter, you can dress in as many layers as you want while staying fashionable. 

Although winter’s dressing has so much to offer, it can be confusing for many men to style their looks even then. The best fashion sense lies in dressing in a moderate amount of layers. Most men either go all crazy about layers and keep them warm so that they look like a walking wardrobe, or they dress in too few layers that they seem at the risk of hypothermia. To make men more stylish and imaginative, we have made a guide on how to stay fashionable by dressing smartly in winters.

#1: Learn to Layer 

Winter is all about right layering. However, layering while keeping your style intact can be tough for most people. Layering requires an understanding of how different fabrics work together. The main thing about layering is that it should be flexible enough as the weather conditions always change, and you don’t want to become sweaty just because you couldn’t remove your coat. 

There are three main layers: 

  • The inner layer 
  • The middle layer 
  • The outer layer

The inner layer is made up of light fabric that adds warmth to the body. The middle layer is the most significant one because it should be stylish enough that you can wear it on its own without compromising on your style. Orvis shirts are stylish and cozy enough to use as a middle layer and outer layer. The outer layer is the last and most visible layer. It plays a great role in defining your appearance. You should choose the outer layer as something that defines your style. 

#2: Choose Your Shoes Wisely 

Your shoes are the main component in defining your style. Choosing the right kind of shoes in winters is most important because of the snowy and slippery terrain. The most horrible thing you could do to yourself in winter is to wear leather shoes. It is akin to wearing ice skates. 

The best shoes to wear in winter are military shoes – a toe cap, moc-toe, or even a heavy brogue is a good option. These shoes are great for both protecting you and yourself from harsh weather. 

Other than leather shoes, you also want to avoid suede or nubuck in winter. Always polish your shoes before going out in the snow as it protects them from getting stained. Shoes with rubber soles are best to wear in winter. 

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#3: Dress According to Your Size

Many people think it’s fashionable to wear outfits twice, and sometimes, even more, their size. Even though it is winter, and you want to add layers to keep yourself warm, it doesn’t mean you have to wear a jacket or coat that is large for you. Even when they are old, Outfits can make you look smart if they are properly fitted. 

If you want to look smart, it is essential to never wear too baggy or too lose clothes. Always wear outfits with your exact measurements and tailored to your body proportions. You might think that wearing layers of baggy clothes can keep you warm, but it is the opposite. The loose-fitting allows air to circulate and thus, keep you cold. 

#4: Choose the Right Colors 

People associate dull, dark, and neutral colors with winter. Although we accept that dark shades, such as black, navy blue, maroon, deep purple, etc., make the man look appealing, they are not always the best option. You can also wear light and bright colors in winter. 

If you want to make your look eye-catching, try experimenting with colors. Mixing different color palettes in a single outfit can end in two ways – either you are going to look like a joker or end up looking breathtaking. We suggest you wear bright colors, such as green, Burgundy, mustard yellow, paired with neutral colors. 

#5: Amp Up Your Sweatshirt 

Sweatshirts are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. They are something that can be considered as “comfort wear” without any argument. They are the ultimate casual and laid-back clothing. However, if you want to look stylish in the freezing winter, you can amp up your sweatshirt game with a few tips. Sweatshirts can give you an edgy and rugged look if you pair them up with a leather jacket or a men’s canvas jacket. A leather jacket provides a rougher look, while a canvas jacket provides warmth and a comfortable look.  


Winters may be going in some time, but they are still here with freezing winds. Dressing nicely in winters can be tough. However, adding a few stylish articles to your winter wardrobe, such as a collared sweatshirt, can up your winter dressing game. 

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