How To Style White Interior Walls?

White Interior Walls

The one constant when moving into a base or rental home is that there is a lot of white. White panelling, white equipment, and a lot of empty space devoid of personality. I’m a big fan of white, so having a blank canvas to work with is ideal. I’m too busy to paint anything since I don’t want to have to repaint everything once we leave. So, how then do you infuse life and vibrancy into a house with white walls while still making it feel warm and inviting? What’s the best way to give it some character?

Purchase pieces that are both adaptable and not too large

There will come a moment in my life when I will invest in high-quality furnishings, but that moment is not now. (For over a century, my family owns a furniture company, and my dad advised me to get the best beds I could buy and put off the rest till we are done relocating every other year.) 

Rather than trying to jam a couch into a too-small living room, it’s simpler to implement smaller pieces fit into areas and move things around to keep them working for you. I recently purchased three bookshelves that are lightweight and versatile enough to be blended in other rooms when we relocate.

There is a lot of artworks

Adding colour to your walls with a white coating like antique white USA is the simplest method to do it. I take a lot of images and try to not let the them accumulate on my smartphone or in my hard drive. When I see frames on bargain, I buy them.   For variation, I have largely white framing with very few grey ones tossed in.

I enjoy how various textures and depths are added to a gallery wall. A gallery comprised of a few various types of photographs and prints appeals to me. I’ll occasionally throw in some mirrors, maps, and flags as well.

Use Large Images 

For starters, it takes up more room. One of my pet peeves is seeing a single 11×14 draped over a couch. When it comes to displaying artwork, consider scale; in most cases, more is always preferable. When you put large objects on your walls, they will always have a greater visual impact. Whenever you open a box with a 24×36 canvas, it appears that it will overwhelm a room, but once it is up on the wall, it is just the correct size. Don’t be afraid to go for glory.


I’m not a natural gardener, but I’m doing my best. I am pleased to report that all of the plants I purchased when we first moved in are still alive. Plants literally provide life. It’s good to have live things that add a lot of green to the environment. 

I understand that buying plants when you can’t take them with you is inconvenient, but you can donate them to others who are moving in or remaining put. During PCS season, we usually pass a lot of plants around. I’m dying to get my hands on a fiddle leaf fig tree. They have two functions: they are green and attractive, and they take up a lot of room.

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