How to Renovate a Bathroom In 2021

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When A professional faces the bathroom renovation with a new customer. He will be more aware, prepared, and sensitive because of the pervasive design culture, from print to the internet, full of technical knowledge and advice.

Respect building regulations

Bathroom renovations that are well executed comply with all regulations regarding building, including masonry and systems. This is important because it will mean that you may have to redo the entire bathroom to meet current standards.
It is important to remember that every municipality has its Building Regulations. These regulations may vary from other realities.
The renovation of the bathroom, which includes the replacement of the sanitaryware and flooring, does not usually require approvals or communications to bodies. However, it may be different if work on the walls is done to modify the position. In this case, it will be necessary for a building practice to be signed by a Qualified Technique and to deposit the updated plan into the Cadastre. It is important to do things in an orderly manner and should be considered an investment in the eventual sale of the house.

Eliminate obsolete systems

If your budget permits, you can remove floors and walls. However, if the bathroom that we will be using is not renovated recently, it’s a good idea to get rid of all hidden systems and install a new, modern, controlled system. Pipes and other non-visible infrastructures can become obsolete or deteriorated over time. If they are not replaced, or if the bathroom has been redone recently, it may be necessary to demolish them or cause hydraulic breakages, water leaks, or infiltrations in adjoining rooms. This could result in economic loss.


It is important to determine the dimensions and layout of the space, as well as the location of the sanitaryware. It is a bathroom, so the main problem is the location of the drainage systems. Therefore it’s important to determine the exact position of the main drain for the toilet to avoid any problems with slopes or passage of pipes. This will ensure that the project is not hampered by unexpected problems.

Ideas for finishing materials

The aesthetic aspect of bathroom renovations is important. It is crucial to choose the right size, color, and style for the covering materials. This will allow you to decorate the bathroom and achieve the desired look. There are many options available for covering surfaces. These can be either natural or artificial. It is important to decide from the beginning how durable the surfaces will be. There are many options available, including high-strength synthetic materials like porcelain stoneware, ceramics, and resins.

You can choose to take a bath, shower, or both.

These are elements with the most binding and bulkiest shapes. You must decide which one you want to use, considering the available dimensions. One person may prefer the shower or the tub, while another might choose one for time or practicality. The tub is for relaxation and if there are elderly or children. The first requires less space while the second takes up more. It is important to plan well, especially in terms of the layout of the spaces so that you can use the bathroom properly, without movement restrictions or surface congestion.

The selection of bathroom fixtures

Your style and preference will determine the bathroom fixtures you choose. There are many options for sanitary fixtures available on the market. They come in a variety of shapes and materials. The first thing to consider operationally is whether you want to be suspended or floor-mounted toilet ware. Typology greatly affects the hydraulic preparation work required. It is important to express your preference to the company at the outset. Sometimes, the connection point to the main drain column (on the ground or wall) dictates the choice. In this instance, the only option is the style of elements.

Walls and floors that are waterproofed

It is essential to waterproof humid areas that are subject to water, such as shower cubicles and bathtubs, for the bathroom renovation to be successful. Water can get in between tiles, or between ceramic tiles. This can cause unsightly and unsanitary areas of humidity. Water can also flow underneath the bathtub or shower tray, without your knowledge, due to malfunctions or poor execution. This can cause serious damage.
It is important to take action during construction with waterproofing products (resins liquid sheaths and PVC sheets), to be applied horizontally underneath the bathtub and shower tray, as well as on walls that are at least 1.8m from the Earth.

Good ventilation

Bathrooms require more ventilation than any other room to allow for proper air exchange. First, you must comply with basic building hygiene regulations. Then, based on these prescriptions, ensure that there are sufficient air changes in the room. Good ventilation is usually due to windows if they are present. This is functional, but the intermittent method that requires people’s attention to open them regularly.


A bathroom is no longer a place where hygiene functions are performed. It is now a space that promotes well-being and relaxation. Artificial lighting is essential in this respect. It is crucial to create the right ambiance by controlling the amount of light in different areas. Natural lighting is important when there are windows, so this must also be considered for daytime hours.

Good artificial lighting in the bathroom must be provided at different levels.

General diffused light is useful for lighting the whole room.
The light source for different areas: sinks, showers, and make-up
Accent or decorative lighting: To mark or emphasize architectural and decorative elements
It is possible to count today on new technologies in lighting such as LED lighting. This technology allows for the reduction of light sources, which is an important element for creating sophisticated and refined systems.

Climate comfort

Heating the bathroom is crucial. This room is more important than the rest of the house because it is used when you are not dressed and when you get out from the shower or bath.
To make your stay more enjoyable, allow the bathroom to be a few degrees warmer than the average for the rest of the house.

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