How to choose a party dress?

party dress

The emotions that are experienced when buying a party dress are endless, that is why we have created many options for prom dresses full of color.

Thoughts surrounding event attendance are varied, we continually hear: I have a graduation coming up, a wedding in a month, followed by a and I don’t know what to wear!

When looking for a dress it is necessary to think about the following: if the event will take place in a garden or in a room, if it is day or night, if the dress can be put back on another occasion or only In one, if you can combine it with different styles of accessories or not and, of course, the most important variable in the decision to buy a dress is choosing the one that looks best on you! What when you see yourself in a mirror allows you to see the reflection of a real doll.

Remember that red dresses are stimulating and will always provoke several looks from all the guests, lace dresses are elegant and can be combined with black patent leather shoes and a pearl necklace.

The blue color is new in fashion since it is not Navy, it is not King, nor is it Purple, it is indigo, and denotes certainty and wisdom, so at a party it will help you open up between the circles. Remember that nothing is coincidence and a social moment is always an opportunity to meet new people.

Pink is one of the favorite colors of women, because it is feminine and cheerful, it is suggested to wear it in a day’s wedding or on the beach.

Accessories such as bags, pashminas and shoes are small but not of importance, that is why you have to take care of their appearance. The black and silver color are a guarantee, do not hesitate to buy them.

A party is an opportunity to see new people, feel happy, re-find friendships and look radiant, so do not hesitate to buy a dress, there are never enough.


The glamour of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s is back with a much more modernized fit with sequin appliqués, technical glitters and the empire cut (which is worn down to the bust and from there, falls completely straight, flattering for all body types). 

Colors and styles

One-shoulder dresses in gold, copper, metallic pearl tones, with a lot of shine, are all the rage. Light and pastel colors are an excellent choice, green from emerald to bamboo green. Royal blue, indigo or baby talcum, and for the most popular, fuchsia is very fashionable, says the businesswoman.

Fabrics and Lengths

The fabrics that are being used the most are satins combined with silk, organzas, and sheer fabrics. The 3/4 length dresses, the long ones (rule: that they cover the shoes, but when dancing or walking the dress should not be lifted) and the 7/8 dresses that are ankle length.

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