How Hard is it to Go Vegan? 

To some, the concept of veganism is utterly inconceivable, whereas others embrace it wholeheartedly and, in many cases, find it much easier than they initially expected it would be. 

There is also a common myth going around that states a vegan diet fails to offer the right amount of nutrients your body requires. This isn’t true; with the right preparation, a good vegan diet can give you everything your body needs to flourish. 

It can certainly be difficult at times, especially if you feel like you’re giving up certain favorite foods. 

If you feel like a lifestyle change is on the cards, or you simply want to cut out the animal products from your diets, here are some tips to note before you commit. 

Eating Out

While it’s getting better, it can still be quite difficult to find restaurants that provide a wide range of vegan options, particularly outside of large cities. 

Many places now offer completely vegan menus alongside their regular ones, and there’s no harm in asking around at your favorite restaurants to see if they can accommodate for your new needs, they’ll probably be more than happy to. 

Thankfully, there are some superb establishments out there endeavoring to change this, so it’s always worth searching for the nearest vegan restaurant to you and taking a look at what’s on offer. 

Planning Meals

While it is totally possible to get the right amount of nutrients your body needs from a vegan diet, (and you may end up living longer too) you will likely have to spend a little more time planning your meals. 

This is because it might be a little harder to find sources of certain vitamins and proteins, at first anyway. 

After you get into the swing of it and start finding dishes that you enjoy making, it becomes much easier. 

This can seem like a chore at first, but it may end up leading to you discovering entirely new cuisines and culinary delights that you would have never thought about exploring before. 


Despite maybe being the best change you can possibly make in terms of environmental sustainability, becoming a vegan is often still subject to stigma. 

Aside from the eyerolls, the change can have an extremely negative effect on families in some instances, particularly in parts of the world that place meat at the epicenter of their average meal. 

Learning to deal with this might be necessary in some situations, and although it can be annoying at first, and maybe even detrimental to your new dietary journey, it will fade and you’ll probably have the last laugh. 

You Can Still Enjoy Tasty Food

Vegan food does not mean disgusting food. It’s quite the opposite in fact. Plenty of vegan recipes are absolutely divine, and you can still enjoy plenty of the flavors you always have. 

Moreover, if you miss meat but still feel morally averse to eating it, there are many plant-based meat substitutes to try out. 

As awareness rises, so too might the availability of wonderful vegan options across the planet. If you’re feeling apprehensive about making the leap, just start off small, there’s nothing to stop you going at your own pace. 

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