Questions to Ask When Hiring a YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Video Editor

Are you in the market for a professional YouTube Video editor and wondering what type of questions you should ask to help narrow down your options from the wide variety of video editors currently available in the market?  No need to worry as you has come at the right place. 

We all want to hire YouTube video editor who is experienced enough, have the right skills and reliable to handle our projects. However, identify such a video editor cannot be easy.  In this article, we will be taking you through some important questions you need to ask. 

Can You Show Me Your Previous samples related to the project?

Although this should be an easy question, it is quite surprising how many people forget to ask their potential video editors.   Just because someone has been editing YouTube videos does not mean that they are able to handle your project.  In case a video editor does not have similar samples, you can consider sending them similar types of videos you want to produce and request them to try create something as such. This will provide you with a hint on whether they are capable of handling your project or not. 

Is It Possible You Provide me with Previous Client Testimonials?

Any experienced video editor should have worked with some clients before. Consider asking the video editor to help you with their contacts and ask them if they were pleased with the type of service they received. What things they didn’t like about the video editor and if they can recommend you to work with the editor. 

However, these days, getting previous customers reviews is much easier as you can get it directly from the company’s social media pages or review sites online. 

Can You Provide Budget Breakdown of the Entire Project?

There are several elements included in a video such as script, music, publishing, voice over and much more. All these require some funding and they need to be given upfront to ensure there are no surprises when the project is ongoing. Most clients will never like it for costs to be introduced when the project is ongoing. 

However, it is not recommended for one to make all payment upfront. If possible, make 50% payment upfront and the remaining 50% when the project is complete. 

Can You Provide me with the Overview of the filming process?

 Before you hire YouTube video editor, it is advisable that the editor issues you with the entire filming process.  They should inform you of what happens during every stage and what amount of time they will take to complete the work. 

Never shy off asking detailed questions. The video editor needs to have a clear plan and idea of the entire process. This will help build trust in you and you can be sure that the editor is on the right track. 

The process of choosing a professional and reliable video editor from the wide variety currently available in the market is not easy. However, with the questions above, you can be sure of landing a perfect video editor. 

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