What are Gloss and Spot UV Custom Printing? Choose Best for You

What are Gloss and Spot UV Custom Printing? Choose Best for You

Customization is always very creative because it includes versatility and open space to play around. Buyers needed this capability long ago. Now customization in designs printing crafting is being considered most important by the marketing companies. Nowadays, you can see different and attractive designs floating in the market. Computerized printing machines and innovation in the printing industry made this possible. Read below about Gloss and Spot UV Custom Printing in detail.

Innovation in printing made custom packaging boxes to be printed in very stylish designs. These printing methodologies give a premium look to the product or transfer your focus to a specific point. Here we will discuss the differences between the most popular types of printing: gloss UV and spot UV. There are many other popular types of printing techniques. We will only name them here and stick to the main topic.

  • Embossed Printing
  • Debossed Printing
  • Matt and Gloss Printing
  • Aqueous coating
  • Varnish Based
  • Foil Stamping
  • Ultraviolet Gloss Print
  • Ultraviolet Spot Print

Understanding Gloss UV Printing

Gloss UV or UV printing is a very popular type these days because of its finishing and neat effects. UV means ultraviolet; in this type of printing, glossy material is sprayed over a required surface and then further processed in a UV light machine. UV light machine dries the box or packaging material almost immediately by giving it a nice shiny look. In addition, the applied coating is hardened due to that UV light.

This UV coating can also be seen on synthetic paper, business cards, hand-out sheets, and many more. UV coating results in the best and richest amount of shiny look than any other technique. This coating best suits heavy papers, and that is minimum should be 80lbs. There are several benefits of using a gloss UV printing methodology. 

  • Shiny Finishing

Whenever you use this type of coating on rich colors, you will feel a wet appearance in them. On the other hand, you can experience very neat and clean finished prominent colors using entirely gloss finishing. To enhance colors and enrich the experience, this type of printing is beneficial.

  • Scratch Resistant

To give a premium look with some rigidity and beauty gloss finishing works excellent. Moreover, its surface can’t be scratched very easily, thanks to its brilliance UV-protected layer. These days best use of this coating is in postcards and visiting cards. During shipment, there are few chances that your product in UV coated gets scratched.

  • Clean & Clear Looks

Gloss finishing makes your product prominent and stands out from all the same products in a supermarket. Properly finished packaging has enriched colors and the most refined look. This coating can be a better selling point for a premium product in that its packaging is premium and of pretty look.

  • Completely an Eco-Friendly Method of Printing

The coating that is being used in the UV gloss method is entirely green, and all included solvents are eco-friendly. There is no different paper being used for UV gloss coating. Same kraft packaging can be used for UV coating, and also, a gloss finished box can be recycled very quickly, being totally green for the environment.

  • Immediately Dried

Due to UV light being used in this process packaging process is the fastest. This is because UV light dries packaging and printing material immediately. That’s why the printing press can print many boxes in no time.

  • Water-Resistant

UV coating can handle some water and safeguard your product from damage. In addition, due to its glossy surface, its inner Kraft box cannot get wet and damaged.

Know About Spot UV

Now we know everything about ultraviolet and full UV coating. However, there is a very slight difference between gloss and spot UV. Its primary purpose is to divert your attention to a specific spot in a complete printed packaging; that’s why it is called spot printing. For example, you want to make your company slogan or logo more prominent in the entire box, then only these specific spots are made glossy using a spot UV mechanism.

  • Blindspot UV vs Spot UV

Usually, a spot UV is printed via a black and white mask file where black will be the instruction for the press that this is the place where you have to place UV gloss effect only. So, the main difference between these two is that in standard spot UV, a point is mentioned to be glossy, but the blind spot UV background is shiny, and the primary logo or wording appears to be prominent. You will see this type of printing style usually on visiting cards.

When we use spot UV with matt finishing, it works excellent because of its wet look; spotted areas look more beautiful and cleaner.

  • Raised Printing with Spot UV

Raised printing using a Spot UV method is more liked these days. In this technique, the glossy area where printing is needed to be raised is applied a specific powder, and due to that, chemical ink is raised a little bit that can be felt while touching. 

Final Words

UV printing is sufficiently explained for better understanding. Now anytime you see a packaging glossy and highly finished, you will be able to know its process and technicalities behind the scenes.

This type of printing is pretty trendy these days with customized boxes. So many companies are providing this type of printing service. One of the most famous and renowned ones is Stampa Prints. They are experts in UV and custom packaging and printing domain. All of the printing mentioned above are available there; visit their website for more information about designing and printing techniques. Hope you love reading about Gloss and Spot UV Custom Printing.

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