Five features that will increase the value of your property

If you are going to increase the value of your property in the property market, there are some extraordinary steps you can take to achieve it. Are you ready for it? If you are, know about the five features to increase the property value. You can also get help from the best estate agents in the market for this task, the Brighton estate agents and they will give you amazing ideas for extending your property and also landscaping the garden which is some of the external features that can raise the value. But there are other tips as well. Continue reading to know about it.

1. House Extension

Today extending home space by using intelligent ideas has become the norm among people trying to sell their homes. If you get the planning permission to extend the house, there is no limit to your imagination to modify the home spaces.

For instance, you can change a room into an office space or extend the lawn to accommodate outdoor furniture. These aspects can look attractive to a home buyer if you are trying to sell your property and greatly add to the home’s value.

One way to increase the living space is to add a conservatory in the living room which will also make you feel closer to nature. Adding a fully glazed conservatory is a great way to increase the look of the living room as it will merge the indoors and the outdoors. Keep in mind that there are many glazing options available so choose the type of glass that is suitable.

2. Modify the front doors and windows

The style and look of your doors and windows can increase the value of your home because they are the first thing people notice. It is also a budget-friendly feature to add as the overall cost depends on the size and style of the materials used to create the doors and windows. The result can add great aesthetics and character to your property. But doors and windows can also serve as a useful addition because there are thermally efficient materials available.

3. Spruce up the garden and driveway

Many people looking to buy a home want an attractive garden with lots of amazing amenities to enjoy themselves by hosting garden parties and get-togethers. Therefore you can take inspiration from some amazing garden ideas to add a deck or a patio in the garden and with smart ideas you can even make a small garden space look pleasant.

Installing a summer house or an additional room can make the garden more entertaining. Plus, don’t forget to tidy up the garden by sweeping the leaves and keeping the lawn immaculate. The result will surely appeal to home buyers.

Further, you can also make some changes in the driveway of the property to improve its kerb appeal. You can give a coat of paint to the gates, arrange plants neatly at the entrance, and remove large décor.

4. Update the bathrooms  

Bathrooms with convenient amenities are a welcome addition to a property and it is required to be stylish, elegant and functional based on popular preference. For instance, you can update the shower enclosure, replace the old sinks and tubs with newer models, change the taps, and install extra space to store sanitary ware and more. These features will certainly offer a modern style to the bathroom which will increase the property’s market value.

5. Making property energy efficient

Today home buyers are starting to understand the importance of energy-efficient homes so they are searching for homes with this particular feature. So if you want your home to get listed with the best price in the property market, you have to make it energy efficient. Install efficient home heating systems and explore options to make the property as green as possible. Then arrange for a home inspection to get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the home as it will serve as proof of how energy efficient your home is. This idea will certainly increase the value of your property greatly in the market.

Get professional help to increase home value

Are you looking for some extensive ways to increase the value of your property? There is no need to feel anxious anymore because you can get professional help from the estate agents in Brighton. They are well-equipped to assist you in your endeavours and will offer the best guidance on all matters related to your property.

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