Digital Marketing Trends: Everything you need to know

digital marketing

Many opportunities have emerged in the climate of uncertainty created by the global pandemic. These have been great accelerators for digital marketing transformation. It has made a significant leap forward in digital transformation, even though it was late compared with other countries. Many companies had to reinvent or adapt completely or partially new ways of working, sharing, and selling.

Artificial intelligence

With products like digital assistants (Alexa and Siri) and chatbots that provide customer service on websites, artificial intelligence has already made significant improvements in many aspects of our lives. AI will be more popular. It allows for greater efficiency and decreases human errors.

Artificial intelligence is a valuable resource for managers of companies. Some services, such as those that transfer data from email or call centers to a registration system and update it automatically, do not require operator intervention.

AI systems can also provide a “reasonable view” of large amounts of data. This allows for the prediction of user behavior and the automation of advertising targeting. To avoid potential problems, there are AI systems that can analyze all safety data from manufacturing production.

Remote work

Remote work is not going away just because of an emergency. Smart working and homeworking are both viable options for economic and time savings.
Google and Facebook are two examples of large companies that have implemented a plan for human resources to allow employees to work from home in 2021. Platforms like Zoom and G Suite will be more important.

Freelance Service Platforms

It is probable that freelancing service platforms (such As Upwork), which allow employees to work remotely from home, will “take over more and more”.
This can be seen as an added opportunity for both parties, for both professionals who will have more chances to form beneficial partnerships, and for businesses who will be able to use the knowledge and skills of competent people without any long-term limitations.

IT Security

Cybersecurity will be the main focus of the entire 2021 year, due to the rapid increase in smart working.
To avoid hacker attacks or phishing, the issue of protecting sensitive data will need to be addressed. To avoid such problems, it will be essential for all companies to use data encryption systems, API security, and blockchain technology.

5G network

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks. it is faster than 4G and has a shorter latency time of approximately 2 ms. This allows for more real-time response times (to further develop 5G).
5G could improve many aspects of our lives, particularly now that we can work remotely and use video conferencing.
Although global coverage will be slow, the deployment of 5G will begin. This will give new energy to the most advanced and efficient technologies.

Social Media

Different types of businesses have the opportunity to use social networks to create new leads and loyal customers.
Loyalty should be your keyword. This requires you to “ensure that users find what they are looking for” and then “found us for it”. People expect transparency, especially in historical times. People expect transparency, especially in this historical moment.
This field will also see artificial intelligence play a significant role with chatbots and virtual assistants. It will become more important to be aware of how they are being used.
Customers will continue to search social media for help and support, who have high expectations of getting answers quickly. 


SEO has been a crucial part of the internet for many years. It will be there forever. Yes! To better respond to user behavior, search engine algorithms are continually updated. They are also a new method of doing marketing in SEO like word of mouth marketing. This will improve the user experience. Your website should follow all SEO best practices. Particularly for 2021, you will need to pay attention to:

  • The intent of people when they search for information;
  • The use of keywords is more like natural languages;
  • Content Optimization to get to the zero position
  • The user experience is designed to provide a consistent experience across all touchpoints and improve search engine visibility.

Video Marketing

video marketing is a popular trend in 2020 for both B2C as well as B2B. It continues to be a popular trend in 2021.
Most people now use their smartphones to stay connected online and on social media. Mobile video is the best form of communication.
We will see an increase in video marketing in 2021, using artificial intelligence, influencers, and live streaming projects to overcome gatherings. This will allow users to be more engaged with immersive techniques.

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