Confined Space Rescue: What You Need to Know

Confined Space Rescue

Unfortunately, when it comes to confident spaces, not a lot of people realise how dangerous they can be. From entanglements to falls, there are so many different hazards that can occur when you are in a confined space. If an accident does occur you will need to be ready for the worst outcome and that is why you can’t be taken by surprise.

Evaluate Your Site With Rescue In Mind

The first and most important thing that you need to do is have a clear plan before going into any confined space. You need to evaluate the site with rescue in mind. Always being prepared for saving someone in a confined space will save lives. Ask yourself questions such as can a worker escape the danger zone without any assistance, does the scenario require a rescue team as well as are you able to retrieve the worker without entering the confined zone yourself.

You Need to Have A Confined Space Entry Permit

One of the most important things that you need to have in order to actually be able to save someone in trouble is a space entry permit. In order to get the permit, you will need to pass the confined space training. That means that you are proving that you can contribute to an unexpected situation and that you have proper control of the situation. You will be trained to know how to respond to any hazard level as well as how to respond to multiple interacting hazards.

Know How To Identify Time-Sensitive and Non-Time-Sensitive Rescues

When it comes to confined space rescue you will need to know how to identify time sensitivity. When there is a time-sensitive rescue it usually involves an atmospheric hazard and you have about six minutes to save someone. But when there is a fire-related hazard you might have less than that. 

When you are dealing with a non-time-sensitive rescue you might be facing an injury such as a broken bone. Even though that is not a life-threatening situation you will need to perform a careful rescue. But no matter what the situation is, time sensitivity doesn’t always define the preparation needed.  You will need to take maximum preparation when entering any space that can be a potential hazard.

No matter what you are dealing with you need to know first how to take care of yourself so you can help others.

Know The Types of Confined Space Rescue

Along with how time-sensitive the situation is you will need to know the types of space rescue.

●     Self-Rescue

Self-rescue situations involve the workers leaving the space under their own power either by predicting the hazard or simply by getting notified by an alarm. There are a lot of workers who will have alarms that will indicate that there might be a dangerous condition. Dealing with self-rescue means that the individual can handle the situation on their own because they have been taught the #training. That means that they can save themselves as well as all the equipment.

●     Non-Entry Rescue

When you are dealing with non-entry rescue you are usually using assistive tools to eliminate the need for people to enter the confined space. These situations usually include harnesses that will be able to lift people out of confined spaces. But this refuges extremely careful planning as you will need to ensure that no one gets caught on obstacles or snagged along the way and causes more of a hazard. In order to perform such a task, it requires careful consideration and practice. That is why one needs to always be prepared and have a clear mind in order to react promptly. 

●     Entry Rescue

Entry rescue means that there need to be additional people entering the space so they perform the rescue. But this method will pose the greatest risk of them all because there is an accident inside the confined space and the hazards that contributed to the situation might not be fully understood. Planning such rescue needs a clear mind so one can account for the hazards that may not be apparent yet.

Being in a confined space it’s a risk on its own and having to perform an emergency rescue is only adding to the risk. Because of that in order to do so, you will need to have the best training possible to ensure everyone’s safety.

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