How to choose a perfect gift for your partner?


There are 365 days and there are even more festivals or special days that we tend to celebrate in a year. Every now and then, we have to come up with some gift ideas to pamper your dear ones. One who tops our gift list is your love of life or your partners, you can say. They make our life beautiful and worthwhile by just being there for us and with us. Their unconditional and undying love and respect for us helps us to keep us going. Being surrounded with their goodness it somewhat urges us to become a better person on a daily basis. Hence, they deserve to be pampered by us with or without any special reason or occasion approaching us. Now, one of the things that drives us nuts is what would your partner like or what would make a perfect gift in the eyes of your partner. Answering your questions, we have made a list of things to consider before you shop for a gift to pamper your partner. Consider this list and start pampering your partner, the way he/she would like you to. 

  1. Gift Something Your Partner Would Like, Not You – When out shopping for some gifts for your partner, try to think from his/her point of view and not yours. Consider his/her likings, dislikings and other such factors, only then you can truly impress with your gifting gesture. Though, some couples like to think that both the partners in the relationship generally like to think similarly, hence they would gift them what they like. But that is not always true all the time. Hence the individual opinion or preference do quite matter when it comes to gifting your partner in relationships. 
  2. Add A Personal Touch To Your Gifting Gesture – Adding a personal touch to your gifting gesture is sure to make it special for your partner. Drop a bit of something that hints that your gift is not just something tangible, but has personal memories etched to it. For instance, you can give your partner some personalised gift with a photograph of you both from your partner’s favorite trip. Or thinking about the last time, your partner mentioned he/she loves this particular dish cooked by you. You can choose to pamper him/her with that particular dish, he/she will be super impressed that you remembered and thought of pampering with it. 
  3. Gift Something Your Partner Wants, Not Needs –  Gifts are said to be fun and hence should be gifted spontaneously. Since gift your partner something he/she showed interest towards but couldn’t get it, the last time you guys were shopping. Don’t ever gift him something needs and has run out of recently; that wouldn’t at all qualify as a perfect gift. In simple words, the key is to find something that he/she would never buy for him/herself but deep down craves to have it. 
  4. Gift Something Your Partner Didn’t Even Realise Wanted – Do you want to be a ninja gift giver? Then, here’s your trick to ace your acts of gifting gesture. Get to know your partner more closely so that you can figure out what he/she wants before having them to even point/ mention it in front of you. This would require a deeper level of connection and probably more time to get him know in depth. 
  5. Gift Something Irreplaceable – Gift something one of its kind. Even if it’s something store bought, it could be irreplaceable if you have given it a lot of thought before purchasing it. You can even choose to gift him/her an experience of a lifetime; it doesn’t have to be something materialistic/ keepsakes only. For instance, if your partner is fascinated with the idea of planes, then giving an experience to enter and explore the cockpit would be indeed an experience for him/her to cherish it for the rest of their lives. 

So, these were some points to ponder before you shop for some Valentine’s day, birthday or christmas gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend, in short for your partner. Feel free to let us know if you think we have missed out on such similar points. 

Happy gift giving to you! 

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