Business Group Discussion – Methodology and Guidelines

Business Group Discussion

What we are going to discuss in this article is a lot more important than the name suggests. We, as students, have held certain discussions for assignment help, in a group and fulfilled the task together. Even that is what is known as group discussion. Today, group discussions are widely used in the candidate selection process, along with interviews and personality tests. Read about Business Group Discussion below.

It tests a candidate’s ability to put forth his views among the other people and how he is able to work in a team as well as convince others of his points. Once the candidate goes through a series of tests, most of them are selected and are at equal footing.

In order to select the best among the bests, several other rounds of screening are held. Therefore group discussions are considered today as one of the important screening tests. They test the behavior and attitude of the selected candidates in order to check their suitability for the desired post.

To be more specific, a group discussion is more a technique than an entire process. It is actually a part of a personality test where a candidate’s abilities shine the brightest. These group discussions are designed as a situation test wherein the candidates ability to tackle a situation then and there and his or her potential are tested. 

Group discussions include almost every topic that you can think about. It ranges into a wide variety of fields. Thus there are several types of group discussions: 

  1. Topic-Based Group Discussions: In such a case topic is provided to a group in the form of a statement. The statement can be a complete or an incomplete one. The group is then asked to brainstorm on the topic and come to a consensus while the discussion is completed. Sometimes incomplete topics are provided to welcome the different innovative ideas by people that affect the creativity of the participants. 
  2. Case-based Group Discussions: In this case, instead of a statement, a situation in the form of case study is provided to the group. The group reflects upon the case, each member provides his or her inference of the situation at hand. These case studies are presented more in a problem solution manner. After analyzing the case and drawing inferences, the group members have to focus on solutions to the problems. 
  3. Article-based Group Discussions: These group discussions are held based on the article provided to the participants. The participants are asked to read the article provided. For this, they are given five to ten minutes. After this they hold discussion among themselves regarding the article and present different perspectives. The articles can be based on current affairs, academics, lifestyle and the like. The topics provided in this case can be classified as:
  • Knowledge-based topics: Such topics require a candidate to have prior knowledge about the issue before giving his or her views on the topic itself. For example: “Should India Promote QUAD”. In this case a candidate must have knowledge about what Quad is, about its history and how India became a part of it. These topics can be further classified into:
  • Social Issues: Here a topic related to the social issues are offered to the participants. These issues can be current or which existed in the past and candidates have to give their views on it as well as provide possible solutions. 
  • Political Issues: As the name suggests, these topics focus on the current political trends. Candidates brainstorm upon the current policies and offer critical views. 
  • Economic Topic: These topics adhere to the economy of the country or to certain other features of the economy. They are domain specific topic, not the general ones, thus a strict background in the subject is required.
  • Sports Topics: This is the most widely discussed issue among young adults today. Such topics are based on the sports-related events, like a cricket or football match and the like. 
  • Non-Knowledge based topics: Here, the topics provided do not need any prior knowledge of the topic. You just need to read the topic and give your views. For example: “Live-in should be permitted in India or not?” Since these topics are of a more general sense, they can be discussed by taking into consideration several clashing perspectives.  These topics may be exactly like topics for research paper writings- concrete as stated above or abstract ones like “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Knowing what a Group Discussion is all about, the things important to understand is that why should we have a group discussion:

  1. It helps the participants understand a subject more deeply since effective brainstorming and in-depth discussion on a topic facilitate the purpose.
  2. It improves the participant’s ability to think critically since his or her brain travels various spheres in order to add to discussion. 
  3. It helps the participants solve a particular problem by understanding it in a group.
  4. It helps sample participants to come to a particular conclusion and make a particular decision.
  5. It provides the participants a chance to hear other participants’ ideas.
  6. It improves every participants’ listening skills as they have to listen attentively to give their views.
  7. It increases the participant’s confidence in speaking and improves communication skills.
  8. It may also result in the change of attitudes of the participants.

While you are preparing yourself for a group discussion:

  1. Observe as many seminars and discussions as possible
  2. Keep practicing
  3. Allow others to speak
  4. Participate in the discussion actively and don’t just be a passive listener.
  5. Speak politely and don’t get aggressive while putting across your point. 
  6. Maintain a proper body language.

There are other factors too which contribute to a proper GD. These techniques can be used even when you are working very informally. Like a group gathered to work upon research paper writings or one gathered together for assignment help can also discuss certain points together and then complete their work. Hope you love reading about Business Group Discussion.

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