Best Virtual Staging Software and Apps for Real Estate Agents

Apps for Real Estate Agents

Physically arranging a property in today’s world might be difficult. Almost every business, including real estate, pivoted away from on-site inspections in the wake of the pandemic and toward more virtual alternatives. That’s why virtual staging is becoming increasingly popular, despite the fact that it’s typically less expensive and faster than traditional staging.

To make photographs more attention-grabbing, virtual staging software allows you to enhance the decor of a place and add some furnishings. These initiatives can pique the curiosity of potential purchasers, raise the value of a home, and so on. The software’s flexibility allows you to change the size of a room, the location of windows, the colour of the walls, the design, and so on.

This article discusses the best virtual staging software and apps for decorating and presenting a room to potential clients. Virtual staging is less expensive and takes less time than actual staging. We considered quality of results, customer support response, image enhancement, price affordability, floor plan reworks, UI friendliness, library size, 360-degree services, and other factors when compiling this list of visual stager tools. The cost of the service is also determined by the number of rooms that need to be staged and how quickly you need the results. You get the idea from Rudn Enclave.

Adobe Photoshop

This virtual staging software will assist you in converting a room’s space into a 3D lifelike image. The app can generate volumetric plans for all objects in the room to throw shadows on the floor. The software also allows you to create your own library by incorporating the key structural parts (walls, partitions, windows, doors, etc.). You may obtain remarkably high-quality outcomes with the help of numerous textures.

3Ds Max

The software can add realistic characteristics to living areas, improve their appearance, and make them more appealing. This tool contains an original set of built-in forms for generating the bases for model creation, among other capabilities. In addition, 3D designers can use this virtual home staging programme to add texture to objects and produce new materials for customising them. The programme includes numerous capabilities for creating various 3D models while maintaining specified metric measurements. You can make incredibly professional photos with the free edition of 3Ds Max.


Many customers consider VisualStager to be the greatest virtual staging programme because of its simple drag-and-drop feature, which allows users to quickly place furniture, portraits, carpets, and other items. Over 2500 furniture and décor items are available in the application, which can be organised using a keyboard touchpad.

Real Tour Vision

Real Tour Vision has a large selection of furniture and décor items that may be used to transform empty rooms into unique spaces. This software, which uses proprietary 3D rendering technology, allows you to create floor plans and upload photos of your home, then customise them with furniture and décor items that suit your tastes.


The roOomy software suite creates a virtual staging solution by combining Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). They have a Design Studio App that real estate agents and homebuyers can use to continue designing their rooms. Realtors will be able to position virtual furniture where they want it and help house buyers and renters create their own staged images.

Spotless Agency

Virtual staging, 3D rendering, floor plans, furniture rendering, and virtual tours are all available through Spotless Agency. While it costs more than some staging software, it also includes virtual tours, something not every staging software does. Spotless Agency’s virtual tour allows potential buyers and renters to explore a property through 3D glasses. They may visualise themselves in the house, exactly as they want it.


Virtual staging, photography, floor plans, 3D visualisation, and 3D virtual tours are all services offered by Hasten. Rather of being a do-it-yourself option, the Hasten team handles everything. You’ll need to call for pricing because it’s a premium solution. The benefit is that Hasten takes care of everything for you. Hasten will transform your original material into anything from a virtual staging shot to a 3D rendering.


Virtual staging is a trend that is constantly changing and evolving in the industry. Look into some of the tools listed above if you’re searching for a simple, quick, and low-cost approach to give your listing a little more edge and personality. Sigma Properties hopes you found this article useful.

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